Eatleaner Stories – Dean Simpson-Humphreys

dean simpson humphreys

”Don’t let a bad episode spoil everything, you are in control, you can do this and be so proud of yourself!”


Where did your journey all begin?

In Feb 2016, my husband woke up paralysed. A tumour was found on his spinal cord and they were only able to take away a small amount of it. After 8 months in hospital and rehabilitation he was home and needed caring for so I left my job and became his full time carer, this was hard mentally, emotionally and financially.  Losing contact with work colleagues and friends was really hard and after using all our savings and then having to go onto benefits was soul destroying. I had been a member of Slimming World on and off over the years, so I thought, I needed to get healthier to be able to look after my husband and I also needed to see people and interact, so I re-joined Slimming World and got the best of both worlds.


How have you become a healthier happier you?

Looking after someone who has multiple illnesses including diabetes and starting to look after my own health, I started to search on the internet for healthier foods, what it was our body needs in terms of vitamins and minerals and gut health.  As well as eating healthy through Slimming World, I have fresh fruit and veg delivered which is saved from farms that the supermarket turn away for been odd shapes or having too much, I eat healthier leaner products like Eatlean and Lo-Dough and I share the food I make on Instagram under @1dsh1 and my Facebook page Dine with Dean.  It’s my dream to hopefully one day to be able to save food from going to landfill and to be able to cook it for those who are in need.

I also got a dog two years ago, the reason was so I had to take the dog for walks, and this would help me physically and mentally. I love my walks with Smokey and it’s always down to him, where we go and if it’s a run day or a slow day. The slow days I do a mindful walk, walking in the local fields and watching the wildlife, seeing new flowers and noticing their smells and also smelling the fertiliser that the farmer puts down – that really wakes you up and brings tears to your eyes!


How do you feel different today from the positive changes you have made?

I feel so much better and confident within myself and my body image than I have ever been.  I will always try new foods more than once to see what they are like and enjoy it when something new comes along that I haven’t tried before.  I feel more in control of what I eat now and more informed about where my food comes from and the benefits not only my body gains from it but also my mind.

I now practice mindfulness which helps me especially when I have down days and this helps to keep me focused on the positives of my life and my relationship with food.



One piece of advice that you would give to the Eatlean Community

Whatever your goal is and whichever route you want to take to get there is down to you and the speed you want to go, no matter what, you’ve started it and are already achieving positive steps along the way, don’t let a bad episode spoil everything, you are in control, you can do this and be so proud of yourself!



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