Breakfast, as they say, is the most important meal of the day….

That’s because fuelling your body and mind properly in the morning provides so many benefits to your health and wellbeing.

We want to enthuse you with ideas, recipes, and foody facts so you can plan a daily breakfast fit for a king or queen. Whatever your goals? Whether you are looking to improve your gut health, lose weight, build mass, or just get your day off to a flyer, Eatlean’s lean breakfast ideas will support your efforts and help you build the ideal breakfast plan.


Our healthy-eating, high-protein lunch ideas and recipes, are here to help you do lunch, only better.
Making time for a healthy lunch offers fantastic mental and physical benefits. A good lunch gives your body the energy and nutrients needed to keep it working effectively, so you can smash whatever you’ve got on in the afternoon.
Whether you’re a ‘sit-down and do lunch’ type, or perhaps the simple packed lunch is more your style? Eatlean’s lean lunch tips and tricks are designed to provide the background science, ideas, and the recipes to make sure your midday meal maximises your chances of achieving your dietary and wellbeing goals.


A growing body of evidence suggests that dinner (or the evening meal), is the most important meal of the day. Treating yourself and your loved ones to a delicious and healthy meal for dinner creates the perfect internal environment for the body to rest, repair and restore during sleep.
Here at eatlean, we are determined to help improve dinners and give mealtimes a make-over the world-over…
We’ve brought together the best ideas, plans, recipes, nutritional thinking, and more, all in our lean meals & dinners hub. So, whether its low-calorie and low carb meal ideas that you’re looking for, or your laser focussed on high protein & low-fat dinners for you and your family. We have the science, hints, tips and treats, and finest produce so you can plan your evening meals healthily.


To snack or not to snack that is the question! Here at eatlean we say go for it if you’re making the right healthy-snacking choices. Your body is perfect at letting you know if it needs that something extra, a little boost during the day when energy levels are depleted, so why go against your natural instincts?

yes, finding routine with your food intake to achieve a well-balanced diet from your main meals is the best way of keeping hunger at bay, but there always comes the day, or that certain time, when you just need that little nutritional pick-me-up.


Most people know that our cheese and produce provide a great vegetarian source of protein, but we want to go further than just providing top quality ingredients to our vegetarian fans. Our lean vegetarian meals hub offers more insight and inspiration that you can shake a stick of celery at.

it’s a common myth that a vegetarian diet makes it difficult to satisfy the protein needs of your body. Furthermore, with the right recipes and variety in your diet, mealtimes and snack-time can be as nutritious and delicious as you could possibly want.


Some may think that life’s simply not worth living without a good dessert to finish things off. A little strong perhaps? Even so, eatlean are here to sweeten up afters and put the delicious back into dessert-time.

tasty treats galore, but no compromise on your diet and fitness regime. Our lean desserts hub will guarantee that your sweet trolley only ever comes served with lashings of healthy-eating tips and tricks. It’s how we roll….

keep your sweet-tooth happy, without conceding dietary defeat. Our lean desserts zone has the full scoop for those who want to eat lean and healthily when thoughts start turning to all things nice…



Healthy eating means different things to different people and that’s because we all have different goals for our diets, based on our lifestyle choices or our individual health needs.

Some of us seek to lose weight, some want to gain mass and others to get ripped and lean. Some people need to eat carefully due to food intolerances, but equally, many customers choose eatlean because they’ve made lifestyle choices about what to eat and why. Some are motivated by positive intentions for our planet, with drivers such as animal welfare through to the environmental impact of food production. At Eatlean we’re proud to support so many good reasons for eating well.

Our healthy-eating recipes and ideas hub is made for those seeking inspiration to help with their dietary aspiration. These pages are packed with facts and figures, meal plans, ideas, recipes, stories, and more to help put taste, ethical and healthy eating firmly back on the menu.



As the market leaders in low calorie, low fat & high protein cheese products. We exist to help you put cheese back on your menu! We believe in bringing you 100% natural cheese that is low in calories, low in fat & high in protein! Helping you create a whole recipe book full of tasty, healthy meals that the whole family will love. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, increase your protein intake or simply looking to make easy, simple, healthy switches to your diet to help you lead a leaner lifestyle.
With our original cheese containing half the calories, 90% (yes ninety percent!) Less fat, and a whopping 45% more protein than standard cheddar.


We make eating healthier, tastier!

Food is, and always should be about enjoyment. At Eatlean we empower you to make better food choices, without compromising taste & quality.

Fewer Calories
High in Protein
Low in Fat
100% Natural