Created by three generations of cheesemakers, on a farm in the heart of Cheshire, here at Eatlean we’re changing the game when it comes to cheese.

Our milk is locally sourced from our network of Cheshire farmers and bought here to the farm where we make our ground breaking cheese. Our ingredients are simple; just British cow’s milk and a pinch of salt. Our process is a secret, but one that we’ve achieved from applying over 60+ years of cheesemaking experience.

Now for our cheese…well it speaks for itself.  With 90% less fat, 40% more protein, and 50% fewer calories than a full fat cheddar…and yet all the great taste and melt that you could want!


Eatlean cheese is made using just two sinple ingredients, British cow’s milk and a pinch of salt. The magic comes simply from our manufacturing process, which reduces the fat content in the cheese and enables the protein to naturally build.

Our Eatlean cheese is high in protein, lower in fat and with fewer calories than other cheese products on the market. For example compared to full fat cheddar our Eatlean Original cheese contains 45% more protein, 90% less fat and 50% fewer calories.

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Eatlean Protein Cheese is not only a great natural way of increasing your protein intake but we can also confirm that Eatlean is a lactose free cheese.

Lactose is the sugar found in milk. Some people are sensitive or even intolerant to lactose and could experience digestive problems if consumed.

The cheese making process naturally removes the majority of lactose. Using the most independent and rigorous UKAS–accredited tests available, that can detect lactose at a trace level of 0.03%, these test have shown that there is no trace of lactose present in Eatlean Cheese.

All Eatlean variants can be claimed as a lactose free cheese, with the exception of Eatlean Spreadable and our Eatlean Cheese Bake (we are working on these……….)


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We believe no good food should go to waste. As a family business, supporting the local community is at the heart of all we do and we are proud to work with FareShare Greater Manchester. Our cheese is distributed to local frontline charities supporting those most in need.

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