Eatleaner Stories – Sheryl Leona

Sheryl Leona before and after weight loss

Sheryl Leona

10 stone weight loss in 2 years 4 months!

(That’s the same as 356 Grated bags!)

Sheryl’s Story

Ok, so I joined WW 27th August 2017, I was 23st 2lb (324lb), and I am now 13st 1lb (182lb), so a total loss (so far) of 10 stone 1lb, but I’m hoping to get down to 11st 8lb (162lb) which would be exactly half my start weight.

Starting your weight loss journey can in many ways be the hardest step – how did you start yours and what was your inspiration to start?

I have severe osteoarthritis, and I was walking with 2 sticks, heading for a wheelchair. My resting heart rate was 88bpm (it’s now 58bpm), my blood pressure was really high, I needed an inhaler, and I was miserable.


How do you manage to stay on plan, what motivated you?

Pain is a good motivator, I want to not have to have a double hip replacement, I want to walk, I want to not use an inhaler, and I like what I see in the mirror now, which inspires me to keep going. It’s not always easy, and I do have bumps, but I always get back on track again.


How important has your weight loss been to your mental, physical and overall health? How has it helped?

Oh where to start, well I have mentioned my physical health above, but I am now much more confident, I enjoy beach holidays now (I hated them before, as I would just be a hot sweaty mess, covered in clothes), I have more energy, I can buy clothes off the high street (I’m a 14 now, I started as a 28-30!). Mentally I am happier too, I can go out on walks, without worrying that I can’t breathe, or walk (I even walked the CRUK 5k this year)


How did you first come across Eatlean?

I found it in a supermarket in early 2017 and loved it. Then when I joined WW I stopped using any other cheese, and haven’t had any cheese unless it’s been eatlean since! I used to buy it from Musclefood before I started buying hampers direct from you. I still buy the spreadable in Asda, and the hard in Tesco, my favourite is the red.


How beneficial have you found introducing Eatlean to your diet in achieving your weight loss goals?

It’s been massively instrumental, I can enjoy pizzas, enchiladas, everything I used to have, but was too high in fat to eat now I’m healthy. I don’t think I could have stuck to my healthy eating without Eatlean.


What is your favourite meal to make with Eatlean?

Probably enchiladas, but I cook so much with Eatlean, it’s hard to pick just one, I use the spreadable to make delicious cheese-based sauces too, and I have Eatlean every morning in an omelette for a healthy low calorie breakfast, there are so many different options, that’s why it’s so great.


What advice would you give anyone who is wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Learn to make healthy alternatives to your favourite foods, that way you don’t feel that you are missing out. I post a lot of recipes on my Instagram page too!


What would you like to see Eatlean create next in their range?

I would love a healthy Brie style cheese. I miss Brie so much ♥

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