Eatleaner Stories – Sara Turner

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Losing weight is no stroll in the park! That’s why when Sara showed us her incredible weight loss transformation pictures- we just had to know more. We caught up with Sara last week to talk all things Eatlean, and to ask her a few questions about her awesome journey!

Starting your weight loss journey can in many ways be the hardest step- how did you start yours?

I joined Slimming World in March 2018, I’ve lost 3stone 10lbs in total.

There have been ups and downs, birthdays and holidays where I haven’t been 100% on plan. But it’s all about drawing the line and getting back on it when the holiday etc. Is over.

How do you manage to stay on plan, what motivated you?

My girlfriend joined Slimming World first and has lost 10.5 stone, she was my inspiration to join and we motivate each other to stay on plan.

It’s always difficult if you don’t have the best week, but looking back at where you started and how far you’ve come always gives you a boost.

How important has your weight loss been to your mental and overall health?

My weight loss has been really important to my overall health and mental well-being. I have much more energy than I used to and I’ve got back into my running and have signed up for the Surrey Half Marathon in March!

How did you first come across Eatlean?

I came across Eatlean as it was recommended in my group as an excellent Healthy Extra A choice to have as part of the Slimming World plan.

How beneficial have you found introducing Eatlean to your diet in achieving you weight loss goals?

It’s been really beneficial as part of my weight loss plan as it is low in fat and high in protein. Because this is really important in my exercise regime.  Also the fact it’s tasty is a massive added bonus!

What is your favourite meal to make with Eatlean?

My favourite meal to make with Eatlean is loaded chilli potato wedges smothered in grated Eatlean cheese and then popped under the grill until it’s golden and bubbling.

What advice would you give anyone who is wanting to follow in your footsteps?

The advice I would give to someone wanting to follow on my footsteps is not to give up! Everyone has bad days and it’s about keeping going even when it’s tough. Having a good support network of friends and family is also important

In an apocalypse, which Eatlean protein cheese would you survive on?

In an apocalypse I would survive on the Eatlean snack bars, as they are great for on the go!