Low calorie, high protein, conveniently healthy spreads

Eatlean Spreaders

You may already know us, we are Eatlean- Pioneers in the low fat cheese market, and the creators of the original protein cheese. Ever since our launch in 2016 we have focused all our efforts on creating 12 of the best low fat, high protein cheese products on the market. With macro nutritional consumer benefits at the heart of everything we do. However, we have now stepped outside our dairy bubble. Launching our first brand new range of non-dairy products!

September this year saw the official launch of Eatlean Spreaders. Our 100% natural, conveniently healthy spreads/ sandwich fillers. Perfect for spreading on sandwiches, bagels, wraps, jacket potatoes, and just about anything you fancy! Spreaders are in incredibly versatile and available in the core flavour range of; Cheese and Chive, Chicken, and Salmon. All of which come in fully recyclable packaging. But don’t worry we have plenty of healthy recipes to give you that creative food inspo you’re looking for. Of course all of which we publish on our recipes page.

Eatlean Founder George Heler says:

“The demand from our 45,000 Instagram followers was for more convenient ways to eat healthily at lunch time and in the evenings. They loved what we had been doing with the Eatlean cheese products. But wanted us to create even more meal convenient solutions for them to enjoy”.

Unpredictable work schedules, and a plethora of other factors in modern society contribute towards many of us becoming leisure time poor. Spreaders were launched to fit in with this busy lifestyle. Be it for creating a tasty desk snack or serving on a jacket potato for a speedy, but delicious low fat evening meal.

High protein, low fat, and at less than 90 calories per half pot. Eatlean Spreaders are the ‘conveniently healthy’ way to add a taste explosion into all of your meals.  But it doesn’t stop there… we have used gluten free beer, and gluten free breadcrumbs to ensure Spreaders are totally suitable Eatleaners who are gluten intolerant! Whilst our Cheese and Chive Spreader is a great option for vegetarians!