eatlean chatte

Fancy your coffee (now it’s a little cooler) with an extra hit of protein? Look no further than our brand-new Cheese Latte recipe, bringing an added protein boost to your daily coffee fix.

We get that the idea of cheese and coffee may not immediately sound too appealing, but here at Eatlean, we have whipped up the perfect blend that adds healthy fat, natural protein and surprisingly nutty notes to your regular latte.

Made by blending our lower calorie, lower fat and high protein spreadable cheese with milk of your choice, the Chatte is the newest hybrid coffee on the block, designed to expand the taste buds and build the protein content of regular coffee, perfect for all cheese, and coffee lovers out there!

Far from being an outlandish new combination, people of Sweden have been enjoying the intriguing alchemy of coffee and cheese for years  in their local delicacy ‘Kaffeost’ –  made by blending cheese curds with high quality coffee.

With a delicate flavour profile, the Chatte is a delicious balance of sweet and salty– its creamy cheese foam creates a luscious contrast to the intense, aromatic coffee flavour.


One shot of espresso

40g half fat double cream

Semi skimmed milk (however much you prefer)

Sweetener (if required)



Make one shot of espresso by your preferred method (we like using a French press or coffee machine for extra strength)


In a large bowl, whisk 40g half-fat double cream until holding in peaks.


Add a small amount of whisked cream to 20g Eatlean Spreadable cheese and whisk to combine


Gently whisk in the remaining whipped cream


Sweeten to taste (if required) then add milk to coffee


Gently swirl half the cheese mix over the top of your coffee. Do not stir.

Repeat on second coffee and enjoy!

Nutrition Facts
2 servings
Serving size1 glass
Amount per serving
Saturated Fat4.31g