Meet Dean the Eatlean Elf on the Shelf

Dean the Eatlean Elf on the Shelf loves protein cheese

This month we welcome Dean the Eatlean ‘Elf on the Shelf’ to the dairy farm.  Dean is staying with us until Christmas Eve, when he will be leaving us to help the big man deliver all his Christmas presents!

After hearing of all the dreadful things these Elves get up to, I made Dean promise to be a good boy during his stay in Nantwich……

Well, the first few days haven’t really gone to plan at all, and Dean has not kept his promise!

Tormenting poor Pickles the Eatlean Kitten, creating a mess with Eatlean protein cheese shakers and making snow angels in them, hijacking a DPD van containing all the Black Friday orders (which we managed to get back before Dean drove off with all the cheese!)…..what will he do next?  See below a few photos of his unruliness.

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Have you got an ‘Elf on the Shelf’ living at your house?  How is he/she behaving?  Share your photos of any elf-ing around your elves are doing with us on Instagram (@Eatlean), we would love to see what others get up to.  Don’t forget to tag us in!