In honour of Valentine’s Day we bring you a new brownie recipe that’s not only higher in protein and lower in fat than your standard brownie recipes, it’s also seriously lower in sugar too, just 3g per brownie! Our low sugar brownies are marbled with a delicious red velvet cheesecake mixture that brings together our Eatlean Spreadable and TRKG Red Velvet Syrup for a seriously low sugar, higher protein alternative with zero compromise on taste!

So what have we switched up?

Eatlean Spreadable – Lower in sugar, lower in fat and higher in protein than other Spreadable cheese products, our Eatlean Spreadable is so versatile that it works perfectly as the base for our Red Velvet Cheesecake mixture.

TRKG Syrup- If you’ve ruled any kind of ‘syrup’ out of your diet due to the high sugar content…we’ve got some good news for you! TRKG Red Velvet Syrup contains ZERO calories and ZERO sugars! Plus it tastes delicious 🙌🏼

Sweetener – Brownies are typically loaded with sugar, so we’ve opted for a sweetener instead to keep the sugar, calorie and fat content lower.

Margarine – A low fat margarine works as a great alternative to high fat butter that you usually find in brownie recipes

Dark chocolate 70% – You can choose your chocolate dependant on your taste, but we used a 70% Dark Chocolate to reduce the sugar content once again.


16 Brownies

Serving Size

1 Brownie


141 Calories


150g Low Fat Margarine

50g Cocoa Powder

100g Dark Chocolate

4 Large Eggs

80g Flour

Vanilla Extract

8g Sweetner

2 TBSP TRKG Red Velvet Syrup

8g Sweetener

1 TBSP Flour



In a bowl add the margarine and chocolate and melt together in the microwave


Add in the cocoa powder and mix well, followed by the sweetener and the three eggs, and mix until combined.


Add a splash of vanilla extract and the flour and mix until fully combined then set the mixture aside.


In a new bowl add the Spreadable Protein Cheese, Red Velvet Syrup, sweetener, egg and flour, and mix together well.


Spread the brownie mixture into the bottom of a lined baking dish, and spread out evenly.


Follow with the cheesecake mixture and spread evenly.


Finally melt a little chocolate and drizzle onto the top, then take a knife and swirl the chocolate mixture into the cheesecake mixture.


Pop into the oven at 180 degrees, and bake for 25-30 minutes and then allow to cool before cutting.

Nutrition Facts
16 servings per container
Serving size1 Brownie
Amount per serving