Eatlean Cheese Launches In Sainsbury’s!

eatlean cheese launches in sainsburys

Great news Eatleaners… we are now officially available in Sainsbury’s!

Our Eatlean 200g block (£2.50), and 180g Grated (£2.00) can now be found in 275 Sainsbury’s stores throughout the UK! Head on over to our STORE LOCATOR to find out where you can get your hands on our low fat, high protein cheese

George, our founder here at Eatlean explained. “ This new listing is a very exciting time for us. It gives us the opportunity to showcase our range to Sainsbury’s customers and put cheese back on the menu for those who love cheese but want a healthier option.

“While we understand that these are difficult and unprecedented times for many businesses. At Eatlean we have found ourselves pushing ahead with activity. Thanks to a surge in consumer interest for products which are not only healthy, but that taste great also.

“Eatlean is a tasty, healthy and easy alternative that can be enjoyed by anyone who loves cheese, and thanks to the different formats it can be readily adapted to fit everyday routines. Allowing consumers to make better choices without having to compromise on taste.”

Eatlean is the perfect ingredient for all your favourite breakfast recipes, low calorie lunches, healthy dinners and high protein vegetarian meals and is now available in 3 of the ‘big 4’ supermarkets in the UK. With 350g Block, 180g Grated, and 150g Spreadable available in Tesco. 200g Block on sale in Morrison’s, and now 200g Block, and 180g Grated can be all yours from Sainsbury’s stores nationwide!

All of us here at Eatlean HQ are absolutely thrilled to have another supermarket supporting the #proteincheese revolution! But we won’t stop here…our mission is to help everyone get cheese back on their menu’s. So, if you think there is somewhere Eatlean should be available, but is not. Then please drop us an email at