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Our Bake Compared to a Regular Cheese Bake

  • 45% Fewer Calories

  • 66% Less Fat


Eatlean Cheese Bake gives you a perfect blend of Eatlean Cheese with mozzarella and a hint of cider for the ultimate healthier hot cheese snack, and for only 125 kcal for half a bake you can not go wrong!

Simply cook it in the oven for 20-25 minutes, or pop it in the microwave for 2 minutes (stir half way through) and dip your favourite dippers such as bread sticks, crisps, carrot sticks, crispbreads, celery or even go all cheesy and dip our Eatlean Snack Bars!

So what is so different about Eatlean Cheese Bake?  Well let us tell you!  Compared to a standard cheddar bake, Eatlean Cheese Bake is:


✔ 66% LESS FAT






Cooking instructions: Remove ramekin from wrap. Place on a baking tray and cook in the centre of a preheated oven until cheese is bubbling. Stir cheese half way through cooking.

200C; Fan 180C; Gas Mark 6 – 20-25 minutes

WARNING: Allow to cool for 2-3 minutes prior to eating to prevent a burnt tongue!


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56 reviews for EATLEAN CHEESE BAKE 150g

  1. thedobshams

    Two words…….Absolutely delicious! Tastes so cheesy, and for so little calories, I have no problem in consuming the whole pot myself! The kids love it, what a great product Eatlean!

  2. Anthony Cosham

    This is every cheese lovers dream, great consistency and taste at the expense of fat and calories, I used rice crackers to keep the calories low. This is a game changer, well done Eatlean

  3. fionamaunder (verified owner)

    Unbelievably delicious!!! Without a doubt a game changer in the cheese department. Highly recommended!

  4. nnif27 (verified owner)

    I love these. I aim to eat a high protein low calorie diet and this makes it easy… and tasty!

  5. Daniel T

    Warm crusty bread out of the oven, dipped into the bake in front of Netflix. Lockdown heaven.

  6. Richard

    You would not know that this is a healthy meal ….. tastes too good. This is my favourite Eatlean product

  7. Sarah J

    Busy pouring this on EVERYTHING at the moment! Melted cheese heaven, thank you guys for bringing this into my life….any new flavours coming soon?!

  8. thedobshams

    My favourite hands down!

  9. Holly J

    Perfect cheese feast with crusty bread- be sure to adhere to the 5 minute warning to avoid burning your mouth! Lots of uses for the ramekin afterwards too. Highly recommended.

  10. Grace (verified owner)

    I think this is great. Delicious and perfect for a sharing platter or starter, either with crusty bread or carrots/celery/peppers as an even healthier option. If looking for a low calorie cheesy fix this is definitely the answer!

  11. Hannah Jones

    Ohhhh my… just divine! Feel much less guilty devouring this as a weekend starter with bread and cured meats, or as healthy lunchtime snack with carrot sticks.

  12. Anne

    As someone who loves to dip nice warm crusty bread into hot cheese, this is perfect for me and my girls. Comfort eating without the additional calories. I love the whole range, but this is my favourite.

  13. Maria

    Great for dinner party starter with bread!

  14. Shekielle Bahra

    Absolutely love this! Melted cheese 😍oh wow!!

  15. Tiffany Tracy (verified owner)

    When you need a gooey strong cheese hit but are watching the calories this was a dream come true

  16. Sarah Ghirardo (verified owner)

    Love this cheese, a plate of crudites dipped into it is heaven

  17. Sara

    We used this at Christmas to have as an alternative to a baked Camembert. Great with crudités and melts really well. Plus you get a dish to keep.

  18. Ashleigh Hartnell

    I love dipping hunks of bread or even crisp breads like Ryvita into this, so good 😍

  19. Emma Maxwell

    Taste sensation!

  20. N Taylor (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant. Lovely taste and I never dreamed that whilst on a diet I’d be able to eat a whole cheese bake and still stay on plan. Very very happy bunny!

  21. Sue (verified owner)

    So absolutely delicious. I could eat the lot! My only criticism is that it’s quite expensive when you consider the amount you have. I would prefer to have a cheaper pot than the ceramic one and reduce the cost or increase the volume. Because of the cost I would be loath to buy again. Have adapted the spreadable cheese to give me a cheese sauce

  22. Lauren Stone (verified owner)

    This is my partner and I FAVOURITE guilty pleasure. You honestly wouldn’t know it wasn’t full fat. AMAZING.

  23. Lisa (verified owner)

    This is one of the best products, it feels sp indulgent but at the same time it’s a fraction of the calories and fats of a regular dipping cheese. I recommend this to all my diet following friends!

  24. Charlotte Youds (verified owner)

    Honestly amazing, tastes so cheesy but with very few calories. The cider taste is subtle but adds to the flavour. Crisp bread and crudités dipped is the best combination

  25. J Taylor (verified owner)

    This is amazing – tastes like a real cheese fondue. I don’t share mine – just use a variety of things to dip in and enjoy.

  26. Laura c (verified owner)

    OMG this is a perfect treat – so nice I never share! Love it with sweet chilli sauce and chunks of bread or mini sausages

  27. danieledwardclark (verified owner)

    This has got to be my favourite eat lean product by far. The way the cheese crust is over the top and the vinegary taste with the delicious creamy content bubbles over onto your fresh carrot sticks or celery sticks or bread even makes for a delicious high-quality comfort food

  28. danieledwardclark (verified owner)

    This has got to be my absolute favourite eat lean product by far. The way the cheese crust is over the top and the vinegary taste with the delicious creamy content bubbles over onto your fresh carrot sticks or celery sticks or bread even makes for a delicious high-quality comfort food

  29. Lewis Weetch (verified owner)

    Perfect to have as a snack, with some bread of crackers! Absolutely loved this and I could easily fit it into my diet 🙂

  30. Eleni Chatziadamou

    Delicious!! Perfect with fresh vegetables and breadsticks!

  31. Lucy Robinson-Burke (verified owner)

    This has become a weekend staple in our house! So easy to bake and tastes delicious. We often have it with veggies, new potatoes and breadsticks for a fondue dinner.

  32. Catherine Vallejo Veiga

    This is delicious! I am often sceptical of food marketed as lower in fat/calories etc but this is genuinely a lovely thing to eat whilst being far less devastating to my WW points count than a conventional cheese bake.

  33. nicolat76

    This is a real treat! Low on WW points, but feels like you are having a naughty day – really, really tasty! Def recommend for something different.

  34. Kellyblackburn (verified owner)

    Such a treat! Felt very indulgent and yet didn’t hurt my daily calorie intake at all!

  35. Rosie Wilson (verified owner)

    When I began my fitness journey I thought I had waved goodbye to a dipping cheese evening! The ultimate of indulgence, but oh no this eat Lean bake is the best. No more cheese fomo for me!!

  36. Kat Ware (verified owner)

    Why did you invent this ?!? Like seriously this will bankrupt me. It’s the best thing I’ve ever tasted. So far I’ve had it dolloped onto my pasta dishes but I’m dying to try dipping crisps into it. I can’t believe how low cal / high protein this is. It’s been a life saver on my diet.

  37. Veronica Parfitt

    Amazing product. Who’d have thought you could have a treat like this with less fat and calories. Shared it with my other half and he had no idea it was a low fat version.

  38. Laura lee

    A stunning treat!! And at such low calories I can get away with eating the whole pot!! Sorry – not sorry! Thank you for keep producing these products- literallydo important to me to have products like these I can trust and help me maintain my 15 stone weight loss 😍

  39. Jade Colgan (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic bake! Lots of flavour and depth with none of the naughtiness! Love it. Thank you EatLean!

  40. Danielle Makovecz

    Absolutely DELISH 😍
    Ate the whole lot to myself, didn’t want to share, tastes incredible and so such little cals #winning

  41. Laura Sheahan (verified owner)

    So tasty, a guilt free treat

  42. Sophie Abbott

    This is so delicious! Perfect when you feel like an indulgent night in but without the fat/calories!

  43. Mandy May

    I reluctantly shared this with my partner, was great with celery and carrots, felt like a treat without all the calories.

  44. james.wentworth (verified owner)

    now you can pour good cheese in your mouth hole, what’s not to love

  45. puttycat_1 (verified owner)

    My favourite cheese in the line. Very delicious and feels like it should be 100s of calories.

  46. Cristina

    I have tried few of them and I don’t think I will ever go back to normal cheese.
    This just taste the same and is so low in calories!
    I’m literally craving for cheese bake,can’t wait to try it!❤🎊

  47. Christina (verified owner)

    So delicious enjoying with a breadstick or even vegetable sticks! I can have the whole load by myself! Even my daughter loves it!

  48. Ros Stewart

    So decadent but so few calories. Cheese hit without the calorie hit. Amazing

  49. Becki (verified owner)

    My favourite item in the range, so tasty with buttered bread or, if I’m trying to be good, with roasted new potatoes. Anything you can dip, will taste amazing with this super cheesy bake. Can’t stop ordering them!!

  50. blancatjm (verified owner)

    This one is delicious, and you don’t feel bad about eating the entire thing!
    Filling, savoury and not more cheese cravings for me. Love it

  51. B Brook

    This is my go to! It’s so nice and gooey! I’d rather have this brand over anything else! If I could give it more than 5 stars I would!

  52. lynne.m.griffiths (verified owner)

    Seriously tasty despite the low calories! A new fave in our house!

  53. dsignbylorena (verified owner)

    Wow!! love it.
    Want a treat, delicious cheese, without the guilt.
    This is it. Melting goodness. Delicious to dip.
    Always in my order.

  54. Sue T (verified owner)

    My healthy guilty pleasure! Love all the Eatlean cheeses but when you really need a cheese fix, this hits the spot – and no, I don’t share! 🙂

  55. SammyJ

    I actually scooped this out of the dish and melted it on top of a a chicken pasta bake. Absolutely delicious 😋

  56. Bod (verified owner)

    Absoloutely delicious!

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Typical Valuesper 100gper 1/2 bake (75g)
of which saturates5.7g4.3g
of which sugars1.1g0.8g

Eatlean Protein Cheese (Milk)(24%), water, full fat soft cheese (Milk)(21%)(contains cornflour), Mozzarella (Milk)(20%), Cider (Sulphites)(7%), cream (Milk), rice starch, wholegrain mustard (water, Mustard seeds, white wine vinegar, sea salt, cinnamon, pimento), salt, cracked black pepper

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