We’ve put this as a sharing recipe, but in all likelihood, once you’ve tasted this it’s highly unlikely that you are going to share it! This is a real show stopper, and a great low-calorie lunch to serve up to friends.  (Note: Make at least two, one for your friends, and one all for you!).

At under 200 calories per half bake and only 4g of carbs, it’s a macro-friendly dish that makes absolutely zero compromises on flavour. If you’ve got a favourite burger combination then get creative. Our Bake pots work with a multitude of flavours, so try adding your favourite sauces, rubs, garnishes and meats to come up with your own personal high protein, low carb dinner recipe.

So what have we switched up?

Eatlean Cheese Bake – Our Bake pot gives you a perfect blend of Eatlean Cheese with mozzarella and a hint of cider for the ultimate healthier hot cheese snack, and for only 123 kcal for half a bake you can not go wrong!


1 Bake Pot

Serving Size

1/2 Bake Pot




100g Lean Mince (5% fat)

Gherkins, sliced

1/4 Red Onion



Bake the Bake pot in the oven for half of the allotted time


Top the bake with the cooked mince, chopped red onion and sliced gherkins then carefully mix in the pot


Pop the bake pot back into the oven and cook through following the instructions until crisp and golden on top


Spoon it, dip it…enjoy it however you please!

Nutritional Facts
2 servings per container
Serving Size1/2 Bake Pot
Amount per serving
Total fat18g
Total carbs4g
Total protein21g