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Our Red Cheese Compared to Regular Cheddar

  • 55% Fewer Calories

  • 90% Less Fat

  • 45% More Protein

  • 80% Less Cholesterol


Brighten up your dishes with a colour boost!  With a slight twist to our original protein cheese block, Eatlean Red brings more excitement to your meals.  Same cheese making methods, same taste, same characteristics…..just with colour using natural annatto from plants.

✔ High Protein
✔ Low Fat (and saturated fat)
✔ Low Calorie
✔ Zero carb (Keto Friendly)
✔ Lactose Free
✔ Gluten Free
✔ Suitable for vegetarians
✔ 100% naturally made with Cow’s milk

Slimming World members – You can have up to 70g for 6 syns or your HexA!

WW members – Up to 26g is 0SP and 27g-79g is 1SP.

The only difference is colour.

Melts like a dream and tastes awesome. 200g of cheese heaven!

Delivery Cost

Delivery to mainland (non-highlands) U.K. is charged at £4.95, but free on orders over £30!

Delivery to the Highlands & Channel Islands is charged at £9.95, unfortunately we cannot offer free delivery here.

For more information on which postcodes are classed as Highlands visit our terms page HERE

Delivery Timescales

Goods are nearly always dispatched within 24 hours (Monday – Thursday) and we therefore aim to deliver to mainland UK addresses within 2-3 working days of order, e.g orders received on Monday will be dispatched on Tuesday for delivery on Wednesday. However during busier periods this delivery timescale can be u to 5 working days.

You can also request a specific delivery date at checkout and we will try our very best to accommodate. Should you need to change your delivery address, or have made an error on your order please email us at

47 reviews for EATLEAN RED CHEESE 200g

  1. Charles Piper

    Great cheese, great flavours. Works amazing on cheese on toast and so healthy. Converted all my family to eatlean cheese. The best alternative to regular cheese and so much healthier. Highly recommend trying it, you will love it.

  2. Charles Piper

    I have such a big craving for this cheese. Bought it last week and it tasted amazing. Big part of my diet now, and great news I lost a few pounds at slimming club. I really recommend you try this, add this red to your shopping bag.

  3. clare McGrath (verified owner)

    Love this cheese & the tasty one too! Can’t stop buying them! Can you please do cheese slices of all your blocks. It would be great to have the slices along side the blocks & grated cheese.

  4. sherylleona (verified owner)

    I love all the eatlean range, but the red is my favourite, it’s so delicious, especially melted on pizza. I’m so happy it’s back in stock WHOOP WHOOP

  5. Mike Hicks

    Thought I’d try the red for a change. Was brought up with red cheddar so felt the natural place to go when they launched it! Toasted cheese – mmm.

  6. Amy C

    This for the win when it comes to cheese on toast – swapped this for our usual cheddar yesterday and my husband could not tell the difference!

  7. Esther James

    Really tasty cheese and super convenient. Really love it in a toasted sandwich. Loving the fact it’s high protein and lower calories. 55% lower! Also a very long date on it although it didnt last long in my house! Would definitely buy again.

  8. D (verified owner)

    When I thought there was nothing better than the original, this came along!
    Perfect macro-fitting alternative for a low fat diet, grated, melted or as it is! Never would I ever go back to any other cheese!

  9. laura mccollom (verified owner)

    Fantastic taste and great alternative to the tasty version.
    I’m a lover of a Red Leicester, and this lean version really floats my boat. Looks great, tastes great, does well grilled, as a sandwich, on my pizzas.
    Thank you for this alternative

  10. sam wickham (verified owner)

    this red is my fave cheese! i grate into portions and freeze it! mixed with a little of the original grated on a pizza or cottage pie topping and you have indulgence without the naughties! great sliced too in a nice toasty in the oven. amazing cheese

  11. Lauren Stone (verified owner)

    Tastes amazing! Wouldn’t notice that this isn’t ‘normal’ cheese. Just wish this was easier to get in the supermarkets because i’m hooked!

  12. Gemma Lethbridge (verified owner)

    I had up until recently only bought the standard eatlean block, but took to buying online (rather than Tesco) since lockdown, and this tempted me to try the red too – I only got one small pack but I already know I I’ll be putting another order in soon. I’ve tried other low fat / lean cheeses before but have never really found one I liked (until eatlean) as it’s tasty, melts beautifully and even better – it means I’m not spanking all my weight watchers points in one sitting! Really very good!

  13. Sara

    Really enjoyed this cheese, it’s good as cheese on toast or grated over pasta.
    Or on top of shepherds pie.

  14. John Purnell (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic cheese, melts beautiful, in sandwiches on toast and really flavours up an omlette!

  15. Lesley Corbett (verified owner)

    Love this. If you are a cheese person, you enjoy a bit of variety. this gives you that variety without the calories. Delicious.

  16. Alex K.

    Unexpectedly tasty full flavour and perfectly melting for toasts and sanwiches.

  17. Vicki Sharman (verified owner)

    I ave always been a firm fan of the plain Eaten cheese and took the plunge once I found it was back in stock. It’s delicious and fab when mixed in with the white cheese for a melted marble cheese fest!

  18. Jane Hendricks (verified owner)

    This is just beautiful cheese. If I didn’t have to have very low fat cheese, I would still buy this out of choice.

  19. danieledwardclark (verified owner)

    Honestly I didn’t even realise this was the same taste as the normal Sueli and she is the fact that it’s red makes it so much more excitable and enjoyable pick yourself up one of these as you’ve got the time and money

  20. Laura C (verified owner)

    My favourite soo good and tasty. I tend to grate it and freeze portions. They defrost super quickly when needed too. Melts perfectly too.

  21. debzcleo (verified owner)

    This one is Definately my favourite. Nice melted on crumpets and lovely grated on pizza 😃🍕

  22. Lewis Weetch (verified owner)

    Works so well in a toastie! Definitely recommend this yummy cheese!

  23. airofte (verified owner)

    OMG, you must try the Red melted on pizza or burgers! Exquisit

  24. Natasha

    This is the first time I am trying this red cheese version as I usually have the original and it Is really flavoursome, definitely my new favourite.

    I hope this will be stocked in the supermarkets soon?!

  25. carol (verified owner)

    Well, what can I say? Thank goodness this is back in stock. I had already tried the white cheese so ordering this was a no brainer. I has a great texture and taste to match any red cheese. In the battle against the dreade cholesterol this is like a knight in shining armour that saves the day!? Maybe a bit ott but I can now enjoy decent cheese unlike the no fat one’s out there, yuk, no taste. Low fat and saturates, what more do you want? Go ahead and enjoy it.

  26. shemay2308 (verified owner)

    Just tried this for the first time and will definitely be ordering again a really tasty versatile cheese. Full marks from me.

  27. Kellyblackburn (verified owner)

    The tastiest protein cheese I have ever tried. The texture is so excellent and not at all rubbery like others I have tried.

  28. Wendy George (verified owner)

    really tasty! love it on toast

  29. Stukenhayward (verified owner)

    My favourite of the Eatlean range – great macros and fantastic taste!

  30. Kat Ware (verified owner)

    Was really missing cheese when I started my new fitness journey . Then I found eat lean… I eat cheese every day now and especially this. It’s amazing. Perfect grated or sliced made my omelet today taste the best it has ever been

  31. Peter D Reed (verified owner)

    Great cheese & I couldn’t recommend enough.

  32. Sophie Abbott (verified owner)

    Great cheese taste? Yes.
    Great amount of protein? Yes.
    Lower fat? Yes.
    This cheese is PERFECT!

  33. Jordan Long

    My fave of the range by far. Brilliant taste with an unrivaled macro composition. Training, weight loss or just a healthier alternative – can’t go wrong with Eat Lean. Recommended.

  34. Claire Smith (verified owner)

    Just tried this red variety and not disappointed. Love all of the Eat Lean cheeses and will never go back to normal cheddar again.

  35. Gareth Jones (verified owner)

    This red Eat Lean is yummy. Melt it on cheese on toast or in a toastie. Its brilliant for those on a diet or those looking to increase their protein intake. As a veggie I find it hard to hit my protein targets so this cheese hits the spot

  36. lborowiec (verified owner)

    I bought this to add to pizzas and cheese on toast . It melts beautifully and tastes delicious. Cheese on toast had been a no no until I found this product.

  37. Beccy Johnston

    delicious cheese, purchased a few times in Tesco and I’d never use another cheese now.

  38. cath.glaze (verified owner)

    Love the red leicester flavour – even my husband will eat it & he doesn’t normally like anything that’s low fat. Delicious eaten as a chunk with an apple and makes brilliant cheese toasties – just perfect. Don’t eat “normal” cheese any more – Eat Lean has become my normal cheese. Thanks 🙂

  39. barby1922 (verified owner)

    I love this cheese it is low in calories and with good taste.

  40. Liz Larvor (verified owner)

    A firm fav in our household. Great flavour and makes for great cheese toasties or cheese on toast.

  41. Dalton joynes

    I mix this half and half with the plain eat lean cheese With low fat mayo some sliced carrot and black pepper to make a healthy cheese savoury sandwich filler.

  42. Dalton Joynes

    Really rich taste to this, very nice indeed ..
    came very quickly and well packaged with ice packs to keep it cold.

    Thanks eat lean.

  43. Dalton Joynes

    Very tasty & convenient…

    Came very quickly and well packaged with ice packs to keep it cold.

    Thanks eat lean.

  44. Helene

    Very good cheese… I love all cheese and I mean love, can’t get enough of, crave… this is in the delicious category!

  45. Mel (verified owner)

    I love the EatLean range especially the red. I recently had some in a toastie and it melted amazingly. I wish I could post a pic of it x

  46. dsignbylorena (verified owner)

    Really like this cheese, a great addition to the Eatlean variety. I love making a cheese platter and not feeling guilty about it.
    This one is probably not as easy to melt as others, but still delicious.

  47. movishop (verified owner)

    This cheese is absolutely gorgeous. Far better than the white. The flavour is great, its not too dry and works well in normal sandwiches or toasted ones. My new favourite cheese.

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Pasteurised Cow’s Milk, Salt, Plant Annatto Norbixin (natural)

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