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Low in calories, high in protein, and super versatile! Perfect on everything from wraps to jacket potatoes. 

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What Makes Eatlean Spreaders So Awesome

  • High In Protein

  • Low In Calories

Perfect With Well… Anything!

Giving you more options for a more convenient way to eat healthy at lunchtime or in the evenings.  We bring you three versatile flavours of delicious spreaders!  Ideal for spreading in your wrap or sandwiches, on bagels or crisp-breads, or for lightening up your favourite jacket potato.

Not only are they below 90g in calories per 1/2 pot and high in protein,  they are also GLUTEN FREE, meaning those of you with a gluten intolerance can enjoy them too!

✔ Low Calorie
High Protein
Low Fat
Gluten free
100% natural ingredients

Get creative with our spreaders and send us your spreader meal suggestions via email, or tag us in on social media and use the hashtag #EatleanSpreaders !

If you have a question about spreaders, check out our FAQ’s here.

Cheese & Chive Spreader (v)

Your favourite protein cheese blended with tasty chives for that fresh chive taste!  Stuff into chicken or fill your red peppers!  Suitable for vegetarians (we use a vegetarian/gluten free beer).

WW Smart Points – The whole tub contains just 4 points!

Guaranteed shelf life on delivery: 5-10 days (Not suitable for re-freezing)

Chicken Spreader

A rich and moreish spreader, perfect for smothering over your favourite bread, crackers or rice cakes.

WW Smart Points – The whole tub contains just 2 points!

Guaranteed shelf life on delivery: 16-21 days (Not suitable for re-freezing)

Salmon Spreader

A smooth and smoky salmon spreader with a hint of zest to flavour up your lunchtime jacket potato.

WW Smart Points – The whole tub contains just 4 points!

Delivery Cost

Delivery to mainland (non-highlands) U.K. is charged at £4.95, but free on orders over £30!

Delivery to the Highlands & Channel Islands is charged at £9.95, unfortunately we cannot offer free delivery here.

For more information on which postcodes are classed as Highlands visit our terms page HERE

Delivery Timescales

Goods are nearly always dispatched within 24 hours (Monday – Thursday) and we therefore aim to deliver to mainland UK addresses within 2-3 working days of order, e.g orders received on Monday will be dispatched on Tuesday for delivery on Wednesday. However during busier periods this delivery timescale can be u to 5 working days.

You can also request a specific delivery date at checkout and we will try our very best to accommodate. Should you need to change your delivery address, or have made an error on your order please email us at

24 reviews for EATLEAN SPREADERS

  1. thedobshams (verified owner)

    These are a great idea. My favourite is the chicken spreader. Although I don’t usually go for salmon, this was quite tasty. The cheese & chive is not as creamy as the spreadable, but still very tasty and worth swapping in place of a high calorie cheese & chive filler.

  2. Evelyn George (verified owner)

    Salmon for me all day long! Boom!

  3. Richard

    Pate in disguise ….and so healthy.
    Salmon on crisp bread
    Chicken in a lettuce wrap
    Cheese on a bagel ………. that is my lunch sorted for this week

  4. Amy C

    The salmon spreader is sooo good! A quick win when I need to knock up lunch in a hurry – delicious!

  5. thedobshams (verified owner)

    Love the chicken and cheese one. Not a salmon fan, but im sure its nice!

  6. Lindsay (verified owner)

    Salmon option very tasty great value low cal change from standard snacks

  7. Roger March (verified owner)

    Really love these. The salmon spreader is so tasty you wouldn’t guess it was so low in calories and the chicken is one of the tastiest spreads I’ve ever had.

  8. Emma Maxwell (verified owner)

    I’ve only tried the chicken and it was delicious! Just like a pate, only healthier! Went perfectly with the cheese crackers I’d made out of the Eat Lean cheese slices!

  9. Sarah (verified owner)

    I’ve tried the cheese n chive one & it’s lovely. Quite thick, so I mixed it with some eat lean spreadable- it was perfect!!

  10. yvonnewan (verified owner)

    The chicken one is favourite. Tastes great and low in calories, result!

  11. Lewis Weetch (verified owner)

    Cheese & chive spread is so nice! Haven’t tried the others as I’m vegetarian but I would definitely buy it again!

  12. Lewis Weetch (verified owner)

    Cheese & chive spread is so nice! Haven’t tried the others yet but I would be interested to see if they were as good! It was perfect 😁

  13. Lewis Weetch (verified owner)

    Cheese & chive spread is so nice! Goes very well on toast. Very nice taste and when I look to do my next order this will be on it 🙂

  14. Eleni Chatziadamou

    I really love the salmon. It’s rich in taste and and great with some cucumber as it’s giving it some freshness.

  15. roosnan (verified owner)

    When my Cheese & Chive spreader came, from the look and the smell I was expecting to be disappointed, wow!! Was I wrong. The texture is almost like a crumbly wensleydale and the taste is totally mature cheese 😁 I also thought the recommended half a pot was a bit stingy and thought I’d eat the whole lot in one go, however I ate it with some flatbread thins and the half a pot went a long way and was satisfying enough. Obviously not the cheapest thing you could use, but when counting calories and you want every calorie to be tasty and worth eating, this really does hit the spot

  16. Lara kalisch (verified owner)

    The salmon spreader is soooo good! Loving it on bread, biscuits or pancakes! Also love the chicken spreader!

  17. jsilsoncy (verified owner)

    These spreaders are amazing… the chicken and salmon ones are just sooo tasty, perfect in a sandwich or on Ryvita… not tried the cheese one yet x

  18. shemay2308 (verified owner)

    I have tried the chicken and the salmon both are so delicious would highly recommend the flavours are perfect. I hid the salmon one at the back of the fridge my treat lol.

  19. Caroline mcgothigan (verified owner)

    Chicken one is the BEST yum yum

  20. themightywoosh (verified owner)

    The chicken spreader is heavenly! There must be some secret magic used to create this culinary delight haha
    To describe this as a likeness to Pate would do this a disservice, the flavours far exceed what I expected. Well done!

  21. Laura Sharpe

    The salmon spreader is a game changer! Tastes like a luxurious pate not a diet product. Delicious!

  22. ozzzz (verified owner)

    Very disappointing. Cheese&chive is disgusting. Not sure what it is but neither cheese nor chive – went straight into bin. Salmon could be ok but was too salty so couldn’t eat it. Chicken is not bad if what you expect is chicken livers: based on the label, I expected chicken…

  23. Dalton Joynes

    I got my entire family eating “eat lean”

    My father had some of this in .. so I had a try of the chicken one …. really tasty .

    Well Done eat lean.

    GENIUS!!! 🧐

  24. fabemmy (verified owner)

    I’ve only tried the chicken one so far and I was disappointed. The flavour was ok but I didn’t like the texture.

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Cheese & Chive (v) 

Quark (Milk)(48%), Eatlean Protien Cheese (Milk)(29%), Gluten free/vegetarian beer (Barley), Gluten free breadcrumbs (5%), Butter (Milk), Onions (2%), Salt, Chives (0.2%), Xantham gum (E145).


Chicken liver (62%), Quark (Milk)(31%), Onions (16%), Lean Bacon [pork (89%), Water, Salt, preservatives: Sodium nitrate, Sodium ascorbate (12%)], Garlic, Mustard powder (Mustard), Salt, Mixed herbs, Rosemary, Thyme, Marjoram, Pepper.


Salmon (Fish)(53%), Quark (Milk)(45%), Horseradish sauce (MustardMilkSulphites), Organic lemon juice, Pepper, Xantham gum (E145)


Produced in a factory that handles nuts. Use within 2 days of opening & use by date.  Keep refrigerated between 0-4 degrees Celsius. Product has already been frozen – Not suitable for re-freezing.

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