Eatlean Block Bundle

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1x Eatlean Cheese 350g

1x Eatlean Smoked 350g

1x Eatlean Tasty 350g

1x Eatlean Red 200g

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£15.00 £13.00

Get All Your Favourite Blocks For Even Less!

The Eatlean Block Bundle is here, and now you can stock your fridge up with 4 of your favourite low calorie, low fat, & high protein cheeses! Containing 1x 350g Eatlean Cheese, 1x 350g Eatlean Smoked, 1x350g Eatlean Tasty, 1x200g Eatlean Red.


Eatlean Cheese 350g

The original protein cheese! Perfect for grating, snacking, cutting… and pretty much anything. Containing half the calories of cheddar, 90% less fat, and a huge 45% more protein! And a Gold Winner at 2019 International Cheese Awards for “Best low-fat cheese”!

Eatlean Smoked 350g

Smoked over natural oak shavings for 15 hours, Eatlean Smoked provides a real flavour hit, and still exactly the same unbeatable macro’s as our Eatlean original block… holy smokes!

Eatlean Red 200g

Brighten up your meals with Eatlean Red! A slight twist on Eatlean original, Red really does bring some excitement to your plate. After all, we eat with our eyes! Coloured with natural plant annatto but still containing the same best in class macros as the Eatlean original block!

Eatlean Tasty 350g

The family favourite, Eatlean Tasty is matured typically for 9 months providing a more deeper, more developed taste experience. Whilst we have upped the fat content slightly, Eatlean Tasty still contains 60% less fat, 35% fewer calories, and 30% more protein than regular cheddar!


Pasteurised Cow’s Milk, Salt

And that’s all we use to make our cheese!

Weight 1.25 kg
Mature Bundle

Mature Bundle





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