Lisa and James miller

So a little about ourselves to begin with! We got married in Jamaica in 2018 and have two little boys, we absolutely love to travel, we’ve both competed numerous times in different fitness model shows and still hugely enjoy working out! But we also absolutely love food! I mean who doesn’t! 


One of our favourite products would have to be the spreadable because of the amount of different dishes you can use it in but also for simple snacks! 


One of our favourite Eatlean meals would have to be lasagne, and creamy spinach is always a huge hit as a side dish! Ooo and cheesecake … the list is endless to be honest we use it in everything we possibly can!! 


You’ll see from our recipes we will be uploading that one really easy way of eating a more healthy lifestyle is to substitute out products replacing them with Eatlean this can hugely reduce the amount of calories you eat and increase your protein intake. 


We would love it if there was a way of making an Eatlean mozzarella alternative or blue cheese mmmmmm 😍