What Should You Eat For Lunch?

sandwiches and croissant

I find it odd when people ask me questions like this. But, of course, not everyone has been trying to optimise their nutrition as long as me, and the diet industry is full of nonsense and misinformation, most of which is more about marketing than it is human digestion and physiological need.

So when people do ask the question “What should I eat for lunch”, I think this comes from two angles. One, people want to know what the healthy choice is (because someone might have said they don’t eat healthily or could or should make better choices), and two they might be confused as everyone disagrees on everyone else’s lunch choice, and we are presented with lots of choice if we go out to find lunch, so really it comes down to one asking what good choices they should be making.

There is technically no ideal lunchtime meal, other than one that has a decent balance of protein, fats and carbs and, ideally some fibre and micronutrient foods. But instead of focusing on the technicalities of what a so-called ‘ideal’ lunch should be, let’s look at the practicalities instead.

If you are going to work, are you pre-preparing a healthy lunch?

If you are working from home, have you planned your lunch, or just going to see what you fancy at the time?

Do you have to factor in a goal, and maybe need to eat certain foods, or a lean lunch because you are trying to lose weight?

The practicalities are key, because poor preparation indeed leads to poor results.

I want you to think about your lunch. If possible, prepare something in advance that you can take with you, because a home cooked meal will definitely be nutritionally superior to a sausage roll from the local bakery.

You could also batch cook a bunch of meals to keep in the fridge or the freezer to take to work for lunch. When you cook dinner in the evening, make extra so that you can take the leftovers to work for lunch.

Maybe you don’t have the facilities at work to chill or heat up a cooked meal. Then you could make sandwiches or a wrap. Yep, bread ain’t gonna kill you despite what parts of the internet say. Just make sure that your sandwich has a good base of protein, a couple of different vegetables and isn’t smothered in spread or dressings (if you are watching the calories, that is). A good, well made sandwich with quality ingredients can be just as nourishing and satiating as a bean salad, often more so.

If you do buy food at lunchtime, take advantage of the meal deals in supermarkets, but make wise choices. Instead of a pastry, crisps and chocolate bar. Have a sandwich, or marinated meat with mini salad and a packet of fruit.

Just be sensible. The keys to a good and nutritious lunch that is both tasty and satiating is good planning, think ahead, make informed choices, take action.

I personally love a loaded sandwich with fruit or some soup on the side. I also love vegetable crudités with hummus, toasted bread and ham. I love a chunky salad with Eatlean cheese in. I love a cheese toasty with Eatlean cheese and a balsamic tomato side salad. Or a good quality ready meal. Or fresh fruit with yogurt and nuts/seeds. Or a tuna or prawn jacket potato,

There are lots of options, and we’re here to help, check out our healthy lunch ideas & recipes to get you started. From then the only limit is your imagination…