Eatleaner Stories – Wendy Dougal

Wendy Dougal slimming world weight loss transformation

Wendy’s Story

In June 2016 I found out my husband was terminally ill. At that time I weighed 26 stone 3lbs and could barely care for myself, I couldn’t walk more than 5 minutes and I was constantly in pain but I had to become my husband’s carer! We had to give up our jobs and lost our home. This is when I knew I had to do something to enable me to care for my husband so on 4th January 2017 I joined Weight Watchers. In my first week I lost an astounding 13lbs!! I have now lost 15 stone (that’s the equivalent of 3,175 snack bars!) and have totally changed my life! My target weight was initially 12 stone, which I reached in 2.5 years, but I currently weigh 11 stone 3lbs.

Starting your weight loss journey can in many ways be the hardest step – how did you start yours?

I knew I had to do something so I literally looked up the nearest WW Workshop that was on that day and went! Once I had decided to do it I just had to go for it immediately!

How do you manage to stay on plan, what motivated you?

I love my WW Workshop! The support I get from my coach and other members absolutely spurred me on and seeing those losses each week was amazing. In just the first 6 months I lost 5 stone 10lbs.

How important has your weight loss been to your mental and overall health?

The health benefits, both physical and mental, are incredible! Before I was constantly in pain, practically unable to walk and suffered severe insomnia. Now I am a different person! I walk my dog for an hour a day, I have no pain and I sleep for 8 hours a night! I am so much happier and more confident now.

How did you first come across Eatlean?

I discovered Eatlean through a WW Facebook group when another member mentioned it.

How beneficial have you found introducing Eatlean to your WW plan in achieving your weight loss goals?

I love cheese!! Just adore it! If I had to cut it out of my diet I would crave it and fall off the wagon. Eatlean allows me to still enjoy cheese whether it’s on it’s own or in a meal. What meal isn’t improved with a bit of cheese?!? 30g of mature cheddar would cost me 5sp. 79g of Eatlean cheese is 1sp! It’s a no brainer really.

What is your favourite meal to make with Eatlean?

Oooooo there are so many! I love making wrap pizzas, cheesy waffles and cheese muffins or just topping a chilli!

What advice would you give anyone who is wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Do it!! It’s never going to work if you don’t start so just jump in with both feet, commit to it and do it! You’ll never regret it!

In an apocalypse, which Eatlean protein cheese would you survive on?

Eatlean Tasty! 😋