Eatleaner Stories – Sophie McDonald

Before and after shots of Sophie McDonald's incredible weight loss

Sophie McDonald

8.4 stone weight loss in 1 year!

(That’s like losing 667 shakers!)


Starting your weight loss journey can in many ways be the hardest step – how did you start yours and what was your inspiration to start?

I found it really hard to begin with. I was so overweight I could only walk for 5 minutes before having to sit down so I always thought to myself, yeah I’ll loose a few pounds and then give up. The kick I needed wasn’t until my Dr said I would have a heart attack by the time I was 30 and that I would have diabetes and being on my first ever holiday to Florida and I couldn’t even get the seat belt on the plane on. I was so embarrassed that I forced it on instead of asking for an extender and had tummy pains for 8 hours. I couldn’t even take the pull out table out as my belly was so big! The hardest thing was really the exercise. But I started swimming and found that really helpful before I could go to the gym after I lost 3 stone. 


 How do you manage to stay on plan, what motivates you?

 I just wanted to be healthy and look good. I was sick of people staring at me.

Once I walked past a lady in a clothes shop and I heard her say to her daughter “that girl is massive.” To keep me on track I bought a size 14 dress thinking to myself, I WILL fit into this!!! The more weight I lost the better I felt and the less health problems I had. I’m since looking into skin removal surgery to get rid of all the sagging skin!


How important has your weight loss been to your mental, physical and overall health?

It has helped so much. I have so much energy, my skin is clear, I sleep well, I no longer have sciatica, I don’t waddle when I walk and I no longer get bad heart palpitations.


How did you first come across Eatlean?

I remember being in my local Tesco and seeing it on the shelf. The 3% fat pulled me in straight away. I loved cheese but hated how high in fat it was! 


How beneficial have you found introducing Eatlean to your diet in achieving your weight loss goals?

Massively, i enjoy it so much. It fits within my calories & fat. It tastes amazing and it’s lactose free. It’s just perfect.


What is your favourite meal to make with Eatlean?

EatLean & Cranberry sauce ciabatta roll. – honestly, it’s amazing and it’s my favourite low calorie lunch! I also love it in a sausage sandwich with ketchup in a panini! 


What advice would you give anyone who is wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Don’t give up. Stay consistent, stay positive and be patient. Also take LOTS of photos. I say be patient because it takes time and consistency to see results. 


Which two Eatlean cheeses could you not live without?

The red cheese and smoked cheese is my absolute favourite!