Eatleaner Stories – Charlotte Cunningham

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Charlotte Cunningham

4 stone weight loss in 4 years

(That’s the same as 1,270 Tasty Slices)

Starting your weight loss journey can in many ways be the hardest step- how did you start yours?

I saw a picture of myself at a wedding and was really unhappy with how I looked. I’d always been a “bigger” girl, but perhaps never realised quite how big. So I’m very thankful for that photograph (attached) for kick starting my journey.


How do you manage to stay on plan, what motivates you?

If you google “how to lose weight” you’re likely to be inundated with millions of tips and tricks and “miracle solutions”, all of which usually involve crash dieting and more often than not just set you up for a fail.

For me, making sure my diet was tasty and fulfilling helped to keep me on “plan” and focused. There’s so many healthy alternatives for those “naughty foods” you tend to crave when you’re on a “diet”, so finding what you can swap out – without feeling like you’re missing out – is key in my eyes.


How important has your weight loss been to your mental and overall health?

It’s been absolutely imperative. Being happier with the person looking back at you in the mirror can impact how you feel both inside and out.

It’s given me more confidence and helped me cope better with a very busy and active lifestyle.


How did you first come across Eatlean?

When I first started dieting, I cut out cheese completely. I was eating about a 1kg a week (terrible I know), so for a long time I didn’t eat cheese at all – it almost became the enemy.

So when my boyfriend introduced me to Eatlean, you can imagine how thrilled I was.

I was a bit scared at first, after going so long without it, but as a professional athlete I trusted his judgement and knew it had to be good for him to include it in his very strict diet.


How beneficial have you found introducing Eatlean to your diet in achieving you weight loss goals?

It’s been absolutely game changing. Not feeling like your missing out on your favourite foods is so important when it comes to sticking to any weight loss plan.

If you’re counting calories, Eatlean is incredibly low on the scale and the protein content is mega, which makes it a really great post-workout fuel.

Now I can eat cheese everyday without worrying about piling the pounds back on!


What is your favourite meal to make with Eatlean?

For a quick and speedy post-gym snack, it’s got to be rice cakes with melted Eatlean on top.

Or for a real naughty-tasting meal (without the guilt) we love making Lo-Dough pizzas with lashings of smoked Eatlean!


What advice would you give anyone who is wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Don’t deprive yourself of anything. With a little bit of research, you will find so many healthy alternatives for all your calorie-dense favourite foods.

Also, maximise your protein intake (Eatlean is great for this) as it keeps you feeling fuller for longer to avoid the dreaded hangry-ness!


In an apocalypse, which eatlean protein cheese would you survive on?

The Eatlean bake with crusty bread!


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