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Store distributions doubling in Tesco from 2nd July

Hi – I’m Gregor and I lead the sales team here at Eatlean. Thanks so much to you all for supporting Eatlean and helping us to extend our reach into more supermarkets…but we’ve lots more work to do! Our supermarket customers tell us that Eatlean has the most loyal fan base on the cheese fixture […]

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Eatlean Spreadable Now Available in Asda

Ye-Ha! We are delighted to announce that last week Eatlean spreadable launched last week in 371 Asda stores across the UK. Per 100g Eatlean Spreadable contains 138 calories, 17g of Protein, 1.9g of Sugar, and 3.1g of Saturated Fat. See below how it compares to other products in the fixture. This is our first listing […]

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