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5 Lunch Box Ideas For Busy Adults

A packed lunch is a great way to save time and money during your lunch hour, as there’s no need to go queue in a shop or pay city centre prices for soup or a sandwich. With some careful prep in advance, you can cut your total time taken down to a matter of minutes, especially once you have a few favourite healthy lunch recipes memorised.

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Eatleaner Stories – Nigel Chivers

At the age of 20 I weighed 11 stone. Fast forward 20 years and at 40 I weighed 19.5 stone. Too little exercise, too many curries and too much beer. Simple as that really. Enough was enough, my weight was limiting me in what I wanted to do.

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Preparing broccoli

10 Things To Be Mindful Of At Dinner Time

Cooking at home is a great way to get a healthy dinner that’s high in protein but low in calories. Unfortunately, there are some common bad habits that can turn an otherwise healthy evening meal into a major challenge for your metabolism.

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Makos Teszta

5 Of The Weirdest Desserts From Around The World

The UK has its fair share of desserts that might sound weird but which we all take for granted – cheesecake and carrot cake are just two examples that use ingredients you might not expect to find in a sweet dessert.

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Eating lunch at work

How Lunch Affects Productivity At Work

Just as a healthy breakfast sets you up for a productive morning, it’s equally important to get a nutritious and healthy lunch if you want to maintain that productivity throughout the rest of the day.

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man yawning at desk

5 Ways To Avoid That Mid-Afternoon Slump

You may very well be sitting at your desk right now with a couple of hours to go before you start your commute home (or all the way downstairs, if you’re still working from home).  Are you stifling a yawn? Have your concentration levels hit rock bottom and (horror of horrors) are you starting to get the munchies?

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