This low fat cheesecake recipe is unbelievably simple…..

When we launched our new SKYR pouches, we envisaged Eatleaners enjoying them on the go, sucking the delicious SKYR out of their resealable pouches….but Eatlean ambassador Tommy has gone one better and come up with a couple of mouth-watering low calorie protein dessert ideas.

Using Eatlean SKYR, Eatlean Spreadable and Eatlean Syrups, Tommy made two delicious cheesecake pots which were full of protein, low in fat and BIG on taste!

Our Spreadable contains just 6% fat and has won many awards at the International Cheese Awards in recent years.

🏆 Awarded ‘HIGHLY COMMENDED STATUS’ for ‘Best Dairy Product’ at the 2019 FMT Food Industry Awards

🏆 GOLD WINNER at 2019 International Cheese Awards for “Cheese with Health Benefits (non-hard)”

🏆 GOLD WINNER at 2018 International Cheese Awards for “Spreadable Cheese”

Eatlean’s new SKYR comes in two flavours – Strawberry & Raspberry and Mango, Peach & Passion Fruit.  They are thick, creamy and fruity flavour packed Icelandic style yoghurt which is naturally high in protein. But that’s not all… Eatlean SKYR contains less than 100 calories per pouch, and is completely fat free. As well as being 100% natural! That’s, no artificial sugars, colours, or flavourings, and made with organic fruits.

And finally, Eatlean syrups are a great way to satisfy those sweet tooth cravings without the calories!  Zero Calorie, Sugar-Free, Zero Fat and All the Taste!  Choose from 4 different flavours: Chocolate, Maple Syrup, Salted Caramel and Blueberry.

Fancy giving it a try?  Then here is the much-anticipated recipe.  Don’t forget to share your creations with us on Instagram!!


1x Digestive Biscuits

1x Eatlean SKYR pouch (Flavour of your choice)

Squirt of Eatlean Syrup (Flavour of your choice)

1x tsp Stevia



Crush one digestive biscuit into a small pot


Mix together 1x Tbsp of Eatlean Spreadable, 1x tsp of Stevia and 1x SKYR pouch.  Then dollop half of the mixture on top of the crushed biscuits.


Squirt some ZERO CALORIE Eatlean Syrup on top


Then add the rest of your mixture to the pot


Put the filled pots in the fridge to set for a couple of hours

A simple few swaps that make a huge difference to your overall healthier lifestyle.  See, indulgence doesn’t have to mean calorific!

Recipe Creator: Eatlean Ambassador Tom Charlesworth – You can find Tom’s other awesome recipes on his Instagram page @Tommy_c_88_