Put it this way, you don’t normally find Cream Cheese Frosting on a macro winning food list…but wait, we think we’ve cracked it! This recipe is so low in fat and sugar that you are going to want to add it to everything! We kept away from the artificial flavourings, opting for our natural fruit favourites to give you three flavour options for low fat, low sugar frosting that you can add to your favourite cakes and bakes.

So what have we switched up…

Eatlean Spreadable – No need for high fat buttercream, or overly indulgent cream cheese, our low fat, low calorie spreadable works amazingly in sweet recipes as well as savoury. It forms a great base for this frosting recipe, and sweetens up beautifully when combined with a low sugar sweetener and fresh fruit flavouring.

Sweetener – To keep the sugar content low we opted for a sweetener instead. You don’t need anywhere near as much sweetener as you would sugar to achieve the same result, and when combined with the vanilla extract and sweet fruit juice, it’s delicious!


1 Bowl of Cream Cheese Frosting

Serving Size

1 Frosting Topping


21 Calories


2 TBSP Sweetner

1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract



In a bowl mix together the Spreadable Protein Cheese and sugar/sweetener until well combined.


Take your flavour of choice – this could be fresh lemon or orange juice and add the juice along with the grated peel and mix the mixture well. You can get creative this point using different types of essence or fresh fruit juice/peel to achieve the flavour that you want.


Use to your favourite baking creations for a lighter, delicious alternative to the high calorie cream cheese frosting you’d normally find in shops and cafes!

Nutrition Facts
10 Servings per container
Serving size1 Frosting topping
Amount per serving
Protein 2.5g