It’s easy to overlook the fat and calorie content in sides…but at the same time it’s so incredibly hard to resist ordering them.

If you’ve got a craving for the oozing, melted Jalapeno Poppers from Pizza Hut then we’ve put together this fakeaway to shave off 50% of the fat content and 15% fewer calories.

To keep these as lean as possible we’ve opted to bake our poppers, however you can fry these also!

So what have we switched up?

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6 poppers

Serving Size

1 popper


59 cals


5x Jalapenos






Cut the jalapenos down the middle on one side, to open up, and remove the seeds from the centre


In a bowl mix together the Spreadable & Grated Protein Cheese, then spoon this mixture into each of the jalapenos


Close the jalapenos and remove any excess mixture from the outside


Prep three bowls, one with flour, one with egg and one with breadcrumbs, then dip the poppers into each and repeat again


Place the poppers onto a baking dish, top with a little oil and bake in the oven for 20-25 mins until crispy and golden

Nutritional Facts
5 servings per container
Serving Size1 popper
Amount per serving
Total fat2g
Total carbs8g
Total protein5g