No matter how well you stick to your healthy eating plan this January…those cravings are going to try and tempt you! This High Protein Cheesy Nacho recipe is one of our favourite go-to recipes when you want a treat…without the unnecessary calories, fat content and high carbs.

The key here is to use fresh ingredients, and switch up your cheese, because nobody likes a nacho dish without cheese on it! We’ve focused on low fat, high protein ingredients to create a healthy, wholesome version of a cheat day favourite.

So what have we switched up…

Eatlean Smoked – Our Eatlean Smoked Protein Cheese not only adds a whopping amount of protein to this dish without the high fat content, it also adds a whole lot of delicious smoked cheese flavour. Naturally smoked over oak shavings for 15 hours the extra hit of flavour goes a long way in this high protein recipe. It’s a great alternative to a standard cheddar, with 90% less fat and 40% more protein.

Eatlean Shaker Smoked – For that extra added protein hit! Our Eatlean Smoked Shaker cheese brings nutritional benefits AND adds real flavour & texture to your dishes, whether you preparing low carlorie meals, high protein meals, whatever your diet plan just sprinkle or blend in, a great topping to this nacho bowl!

Low Fat Wraps – We opted for lower fat wraps instead of high fat tortilla chips, simply spray lightly with FryLight and bake in the oven for a far healthier alternative

Dips – We chose to use fresh ingredients instead of high fat ready made dips. Opt for fresh avocado, tomatoes and a low fat creme fraiche as a great alternative.


1 Nacho Bowl

Serving Size

1/2 Bowl


472 cal


Tortilla wraps (wholegrain/gluten free or low fat depending on your preference)

1x Avocado

10x Cherry Tomatoes

100g Smoked Protein Cheese

1x Red Chilli

1x Sweet Red Pepper

2tbsp Low Fat Creme Fraiche

1x Chicken Breast

1tsp Smoked Paprika

1tsp Chilli Flakes



Rub the chicken breast with the Chipotle spice mix, pop in the oven and cook through – allow to cool and then shred the meat


Take your wraps and cut them into smaller triangles, arrange on a baking sheet and spray lightly with FryLight (or oil.)


Bake in the oven for 5-10 minutes until the triangles begin to crisp up


Layer the triangles in an oven proof dish and then cover with the chilli’s, peppers, chicken and smoked cheese, pop under a grill until the cheese starts to bubble


Top with avocado, tomatoes, creme fraiche and extra cheese! Enjoy…

Nutrition Facts
2 servings per container
Serving size1/2 Bowl
Amount per serving
% Daily Value
Total fat14.4g18.46%
Total carbs472g171.64%