Remember the TikTok wrap craze? Well we had to give it a go with a Four Cheese TikTok Tortilla Wrap. For all the cheese lovers out there this one’s for you! Cheesy and delicious!

Our combo of choice was Eatlean Grill, Eatlean Grated, Eatlean Red & Eatlean Spreadable, but feel free to try any combination of our cheese products, this works so many different ways.

It’s meeting our every cheese craving…maybe serve up alongside a side salad to bring a little more balance to the plate, but at only 10g of fat for the entire wrap we’ll definitely be indulging, more than once!

So what have we switched up?

Eatlean Grated – Containing half the calories of standard cheddar, but with a naturally mature Cheddar flavour, this remarkable cheese is ideal as an ingredient for your low calorie meals, low carb recipes, or high protein diet.

Eatlean Grill – Introducing the all new Eatlean Grill… our answer to Halloumi! Eatlean Grill is the perfect replacement for Halloumi, containing 40% less fat than standard Halloumi, you can enjoy all of your favourite halloumi based dishes that are usually super high in calories. From Halloumi fries and burgers to a crisp and fresh Halloumi topped Mediterranean salad.

Eatlean Spreadable – The most versatile of the Eatlean range, Eatlean Spreadable Cheese can be used in, well, just about anything! From spreading it on a cracker, to making a sumptuous carbonara sauce. How about a cauliflower cheese, or you can even use it in cheesecake if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous! The meals you can create with are endless, making Eatlean Spreadable Cheese a real fridge must have.

Eatlean Red – Brighten up your dishes with a colour boost! With a slight twist to our original protein cheese block, Eatlean Red brings more excitement to your meals. Same cheese making methods, same taste, same characteristics…..just with colour using natural annatto from plants.


1 Wrap

Serving Size

1 Wrap


409 cal


Tortilla Wrap

30g Eatlean Grill

30g Eatlean Red

30g Eatlean Grated

30g Eatlean Spreadable



Take your wrap and make a cut from the outer edge to the centre


Add the Eatlean Grill slices, followed by the Eatlean Grated Cheese, the Eatlean Red and Eatlean Spreadable


Fold up, anti-clockwise in a concertina, until you have a triangle wrap


Place into a toastie maker/griddle machine and toast through until golden and melted

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size1 Wrap
Amount per serving
% Daily Value
Total Fat10g12.82%
Total Carbs32g11.64%