We all know how easy and tempting it is to fall into one of your favourite bakeries when those food cravings hit! We’ve taken a winter favourite – the Greggs Sausage Bean & Cheese Melt and created a healthier alternative – plus you can make these in batches and freeze in advance so when hunger hits, pop one out the freezer and into the oven to cook through.

We don’t advise you tuck into these every day, but as a treat, and a lower calorie, lower fat alternative to the real deal.
Our fakeaway bake contains 50% less fat and more than twice as much protein than the Greggs bake…plus our portion size is even more generous!!

So what have we switched up…

Eatlean Red – This is a great way to shave off fat and calories, whilst retaining the perfect gooey cheese melt in a recipe. Our cheese contains 90% less fat than a standard cheddar cheese…so you can pack even more in!

Low Fat Puff Pastry- Let’s face it, puff pastry is never going to be macro friendly, but opting for a lighter version helps you to shave some of the calories and fat content! Every little helps!

Chicken Italia Sausages – We chose to opt for a quality sausage in our recipe, and the Heck sausages promise just that, with exceptionally good nutritionals. A great, lean alternative!


1 Bake

Serving Size

1 Bake


383 cal


75g WW Low fat baked beans

75g Light puff pastry

1/2 Heck Chicken Italia Sausage

30g Protein Cheese

(Milk or egg for glazing)



Cut the pastry sheets into two squares roughly 15cm by 15cm


Pop one square onto a baking sheet and then add the cooked and chopped sausage, the baked beans and the cheese


Run a little milk around the edge of the square and then pop the second pastry square on top


Press around the outside of the square with a fork, and then wash the pastry with a little more milk


Pop into the oven at 180 degrees and bake for 25/30 minutes or until crispy and golden, then serve and enjoy!

Nutrition Facts
1 serving per container
Serving size1 Bake
Amount per serving
% Daily Value
Total fat14g17.95%
Total carbs38g13.82%