Eatlean’s Review of 2019

It has been an incredible groundbreaking year for all of us here at Eatlean- click on the video above to find out why we’ve loved 2019 so much!

So then, that is that…2019 is a wrap! What an amazing year we have had here at Team Eatlean. So much has happened!

We have seen the release of a few new products, as well as welcoming back some old favourites. We’ve made loads of new ‘friends’ and we think you are loving what they have brought to Eatlean.

But we have not stopped there. We are now well on our way to conquering the protein cheese world! Eatlean is now shipping to Germany- As well as launching in South Africa, in Checkers and Pick’n’Pay.

So much more has happened in 2019 and we are already buzzing for 2020! We have got loads more low fat meal ideas to share with you and plenty more in store for you Eatleaners over the next 12 months (some of which we reveal in the video). So keep your ears pricked for all super Eatlean updates!