Eatlean: Now softer and creamier than ever before!

eatlean cheese block

When I launched Eatlean in 2016 the goal was simple. To put cheese back on the menu.

We all love cheese but sometimes the nutritionals mean we perhaps don’t consume it as much as we would like to.

Having sold over 5m packs we are well on the journey, but in my eyes, we are just getting started…

Eatlean is an extremely difficult cheese to make, mainly because we’re using exactly the same natural ingredients as full-fat cheddar but are producing a cheese with 90% less fat.

For some Eatlean can be too big a compromise. I respect that.  Equally many of you have embraced Eatlean and can see what we are trying to achieve.

Keeping our cheese 100% natural, our cheesemakers have worked tirelessly to deliver the impossible. The full-fat experience with next to no fat…..!

We have made thousands of small batches of cheese, and our cheesemakers have nailed it.

Eatlean is now softer and creamier than ever.

Thank you for being an Eatlean customer, because without your continued support, Eatlean might not still be here today. We will continue to work harder than ever to earn your loyalty and to ensure that you can continue to enjoy all your favourite cheesy meals and high protein snacks!

In the meantime please keep enjoying our cheese, spread the word and help us put cheese back on the menu.


George Heler

Eatlean Founder