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If you haven’t ventured into the world of Frumpets yet, hold on tight, this is about to revolutionise breakfast for you!

Frumpet – What is it? Essentially a Frumpet is a cross between a crumpet and french toast (now we’ve got your attention!)

It’s a great way to boost the protein content of a quick breakfast favourite and makes for a really flexible base recipe to add a multitude of different flavours to.

We’ve offered up three recipes to inspire your venture into the world of Frumpets – Marmite, Piri Piri & Maple Syrup with Bacon.

Using Eatlean cheese and syrups will of course mean your Frumpets not only taste great but are fewer in calories, lower in fat and higher in protein, making them the perfect high protein breakfast choice.

Which will you try first?


1 Frumpet (plain using our Smoked cheese before toppings added)

Serving Size

1 Frumpet (…though you don’t have to share!)




x1 Giant Crumpet

1x Egg Whisked

If you are adding toppings…

Maple – Lean bacon medallions and our Eatlean Zero Cal Maple Syrup

Piri – Eatlean Piri Piri Sugar Free Sauce

Marmite – Marmite & Eatlean Spreadable Cheese



Whisk the eggs together well, and then add your grated cheese.

For the Maple recipe we used our Eatlean Tasty Cheese

For the Piri Piri recipe we used our Eatlean Smoked Cheese and added in half a chopped red chilli at this point

For the Marmite recipe we used our Eatlean Red Cheese and added in a good spoonful of Marmite too at this point


Take the two crumpets and immerse in the egg mixture coating really well


Pop the frumpets into a pre-heated pan and cook through until the cheese begins to brown on top and the egg has cooked through


Remove the frumpets from the pan and stack on a plate

For the Maple recipe we topped with lean medallions of bacon cooked in the oven and then a very generous drizzle of our Eatlean Maple Zero Cal Syrup

For the Piri Piri recipe we topped with our Eatlean Sugar Free Piri Piri Sauce…and lots of it!

For our Marmite recipe we heated up some of our Eatlean Spreadable Cheese in the microwave with marmite to make an INCREDIBLE sauce and poured this over the top of the stack!