Ben Coomber becomes Eatlean’s first official nutritionist

Eatlean Nutritionist Ben Coomber holding Eatlean protein cheese

Here it is folks, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. We can finally announce our first ever official nutritionist as none other than…


Ok, so this is kind of a big deal. But everyone stay cool…we got this! For those of you who don’t know who Ben Coomber is, here is just a small introduction into why we are delighted to have him on board as our official nutritionist.

Ben is a nutritionist, coach, educator, personal trainer, and owner of Awesome Supplements. To mention but a few of his skills- he has helped over 1,000 individuals achieve their weight loss goals! You can read more about Ben’s story here>

Ben is the proud host of Ben Coomber Radio, the number 1 Sports and Nutrition podcast in the UK! Head on over to episode 481 or follow the link to listen to Ben and Eatlean founder George Heler discuss everything from Vegan cheese to cow mattresses!

#481 – I talk to a Dairy Farmer about Nutrition, Welfare & Veganism

At Eatlean we believe expertise is vital in helping us grow and create the ultimate low fat high protein cheese. That’s why everyone in our team from our cheesemakers to our marketing gurus is an expert in what they do. Ben is most definitely no exception, let me tell you this guy knows his stuff! A pioneer in the world of nutrition, who travels the globe sharing his wealth of knowledge about the food we consume.


Here’s what Ben had to say:

“Cheese is AWESOME. Let’s be honest. But it can often be calorific and thus it can make it hard fitting it into a healthy lifestyle, especially if you are on a diet or need to maintain your weight. This is why it’s been awesome to work with Eatlean and their range of lean protein cheeses…..cheese is literally back on the menu. As someone who loves cheese myself, I would usually limit how much I eat because of the calorie content of traditional cheese, but I want to eat it more, I love cheese, as do many!

Thanks to the team at Eatlean, I can now enjoy cheese again as a low calorie snack, can add it to meals, or have MORE for the calories I used to eat, win-win.

As a nutritionist, I also value finding solutions for my clients that enable them to lead a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying the foods they enjoy eating. Eatlean enables someone to add cheese to a pizza and get more protein and consume fewer calories, or have a cheese platter for dinner, or have a quick high protein snack, all because of the Eatlean range. I’m excited to be working with Eatlean on helping people understand their products and how awesome they are, and helping with future innovations in their range.

For me, cheese is 100% back on the menu.”

Ben has visited the Eatlean Farm twice in 2019. In August Ben came down to discuss all things protein cheese and give a talk to all our Eatleaners on how to live a healthier lifestyle, why good nutrition is important, and how small and subtle changes in our everyday life can make such a big difference.

The second time Ben popped down was during Stress Awareness Week, and he duly gave a very inspirational talk to us all on how we can help to minimise stress in our everyday lives and the importance of developing our own personal stress management/coping techniques.

We are absolutely buzzing to have Ben on board Team Eatlean- and helping us with our mission to put cheese back on the menu! Ben will be back down to Eatlean HQ in the new year, and we are super excited to learn and share some of his amazing knowledge with all of our Eatleaners!!