8 Go To Snacks When You’re Hungry

Eatlean Snack Bars and water bottle

I think it’s pretty safe to say that everybody loves a snack. If you’re feeling a little tired or hungry a quick, convenient snack can top you up and see you through to your next meal, they’re delicious, and of course they’re perfect for after a hard workout, or to top up your nutrient intake if you find you might be falling a little short.

Snacking gets a bad rap as contributing to weight gain, dental problems, and more, but with a little thought it can be an important and sustainable part of a well-balanced diet. Here are my top 8 go-to snacks.


  1. Eatlean SKYR Icelandic Style Yoghurt

As a fitness guy I’m always keen to ensure I stay on top of my protein intake without going overboard on my calories. This is why yoghurt pouches like Eatlean SKYR is so great, with 10 grams of protein, less than 100 calories, and only 10 grams of sugar this is a fantastic way to give you a quick boost. It doesn’t sacrifice on taste either, coming in either Strawberry and Raspberry flavour or Mango, Peach, and Passionfruit. Eatlean SKYR can be eaten both chilled and un-chilled so is great to have on the go, in a lunchbox, or to grab from the fridge if you’re feeling a bit peckish after lunch.

  1. Green Smoothie

A smoothie can be a really easy and fast way to meet your vitamin, mineral, and fibre requirements. You can buy smoothies, but they’re often loaded with additives, really expensive, and they come in plastic bottles, so I prefer to make my own. You can basically put whatever you want in a smoothie, some people put berries, bananas, and oats in, but I prefer a smoother green smoothie made up of 1 lime, 2 kiwis, 1/3 of a cucumber, 1 apple, 15 mint leaves, and a cup of ice all blended together. If you really want, you can add some protein powder, but I prefer not to when it comes to my green smoothie. Feel free to experiment with fruits and veg until you find a mix you like. A smoothie is something you can have at home or take out with you and is an effective way to maximise your fruit and veg intake for the day.

  1. Eatlean Cheese Snack Bars

I absolutely love cheese, and I love a low-fat cheese even more. These snack bars won gold at the 2019 International Cheese Awards in the Low-Fat Cheese category. With only 51 calories and 11 grams of protein per bar, these snack bars are great for a post workout snack or maybe even instead of a protein shake.

  1. Chocolate Coconut & Raspberry Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are a delicious and healthy breakfast that takes minimal preparation, and smaller portions make for perfect snacks. Like with smoothies, there are loads of combinations you can try, but my personal favourite is a coconut, chocolate, and raspberry mix. All you have to do is mix 50g of oats, 10g desiccated coconut, 200ml unsweetened coconut milk, a handful of Raspberries fresh or frozen, 1 scoop choc protein powder, and choc chips or chocolate chunks. Leave to chill for a minimum of 1 hour but ideally overnight, then top with yoghurt, raspberries, and choc chips. Mix up your toppings and you can have endless variety!

  1. Fruit

A piece of fruit is a great snack. Fruit’s full of fibre and micronutrients as well as natural sugars to help give you an energy boost. I often eat as much fruit as I can on the go as the more vitamins and minerals you take on, the better. An apple, a pear, a banana there a load of possibilities to choose from!

  1. Gluten-Free Chocolate Protein Brownies

This recipe is great as it satiates that, and helps me hit my protein goals. For those of you who need it, it’s gluten free, too! For this snack all you need is: 200g of chopped and peeled sweet potato, 2 eggs, 2 tbs cocoa, 1 tbs baking powder, 3 scoops of chocolate whey protein powder, Dark chocolate chips, and honey to sweeten if it’s not sweet enough already. All you need to do is boil and mash the sweet potato, then add everything into a food processor, before spreading the mixture onto greaseproof paper on a baking tray and bake for 10 minutes. You can eat these brownies as a dessert or as a convenient snack on the go.

  1. Scotch Egg

This might be a bit controversial, but I’ll be honest, I bloomin’ love a scotch egg. You can make your own or buy them in the shops, and although they are high in fats and calories (so I do have to be careful to stop at 1) they’re a great filling snack that you can have on the go. They’re also high in protein so if you’re trying to put on muscle this can be a great snack to consider.

  1. Eatlean Nibbles

Eatlean Nibbles are a really flavourful hit, coming in BBQ, Sweet Chilli, and Spicy. High protein and low carb meals can sometimes be a bit bland, so this is a great snack that goes some way to combatting that. With just 203 calories a serving and 25 grams of protein these cheese sticks are another great way to build a high protein, low carb diet without skimping on taste. They even make a great low calorie lunch too if you’re out and about on the go.


Those are my top 8 go-to snacks, hopefully it’s given you a little inspiration! Obviously as a former personal trainer and nutrition coach I’ve prioritised protein consumption here, but if your needs are different to mine that’s great, too. Snacks have a reputation for being bad, but I hope you’ll agree that as a part of an overall balanced diet, they’re a fantastic way to combat hunger and cravings while helping you meet your nutritional goals. If you need more inspiration, visit our healthy snacking hub for ideas, tips and tricks to improve your snacking game.