5 High Protein Desserts To Satisfy Your Cravings

Keto Cheesecake

Dessert is not traditionally regarded as the most protein-packed part of a meal, but there are plenty of great ways to incorporate more protein into your pudding to keep your hunger satiated for longer, without compromising on a delicious finale to your lunch or evening meal.

Here are five high-protein dessert recipes that illustrate how versatile protein-rich desserts can be, and why there’s absolutely no reason to neglect the nutritional value of your after-dinner treats.


Swap out the biscuits for a (healthy, low-sugar) breakfast cereal and you can still make a convincing cheesecake base that’s even higher in protein. Make your cheese layer using Eatlean Spreadable for a low-fat high-protein recipe, and top with your favourite fruits.

This versatile way to bring even more protein to a traditional cheesecake recipe can be used in several of our own healthy dessert recipes, including:

Because a cheesecake is layered, you can really use this cereal cheesecake base method in almost any recipe – just directly swap it out for the original digestive biscuit base, and you’ve got a healthier, higher-protein recipe in an instant.


low fat chocolate chip cookies


Get 10% of your recommended daily intake of protein in a single cookie. Our easy Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe combines Eatlean Super Porridge with an egg, a banana, some Eatlean Zero Calorie Chocolate Syrup and some chocolate chips to make an instant cookie dough.

Half an hour in the oven on a lined baking tray, and your choc chip cookies are ready to eat. Our recipe produces cookies that contain around 5g of protein each, at less than 140 calories, so you don’t need to worry about reaching for the cookie jar after dinner.

If a cookie doesn’t feel like a complete dessert, whip up a batch of our Low Calorie Cream Cheese Frosting using Eatlean Spreadable Cheese, a little sugar or sweetener, and Eatlean Vanilla Flavour Drops, and add a little to each cookie for a no-mess, no-fuss, bite-size cookie cheesecake.


high protein pop tart


Spread freshly baked Lo-Dough Bases with Eatlean SKYR, top with berries and drizzle with Eatlean Zero Calorie Syrup for an instant pop tart pud. Lo-Dough Bases are fat-free, low-calorie and low-carb, but high in protein, making them an excellent alternative to bread and pastry in all kinds of savoury and sweet recipes.

You can also use Lo-Dough Bases in our Breakfast Fruit Pizza recipe, which layers a blend of Eatlean Spreadable, Eatlean Zero Calorie Syrup and Eatlean Strawberry Flavour Drops on to the base, again topped with fruit.

While we think our Fruit Pizza recipe provides you with a great start to the day, it doesn’t have to just be for breakfast time – it also makes a healthy, high-protein alternative to a calorific dessert.


keto raspberry muffins


Follow our Keto Raspberry Crumble Muffins recipe and a single muffin will give you 10g of protein – that’s an impressive 20% of your RDI. They’re a little higher in fat than some of the other dessert options listed here, so consider these more of an occasional treat than an everyday after-dinner snack.

The muffin mix itself combines flour, margarine, Eatlean SKYR, Eatlean Raspberry Flavour Drops, Eatlean Zero Calorie Maple Syrup, and a little baking powder. Crumble in some fresh raspberries before baking, and top with Eatlean Spreadable Cheese frosting flavoured with some more Eatlean Raspberry Flavour Drops.

If you’re keen to cut out some of the fat in order to make this a recipe you can snack on more frequently, you can leave off the frosting and just add a drizzle of Eatlean Zero Calorie Syrup over each muffin moments before serving, to pack in some moistness without increasing the calorie count.


keto pancakes


We associate pancakes with Pancake Day (the clue’s in the name!) and using up indulgent ingredients before the fasting of Lent begins. But that perception can be misleading, as there’s no reason why pancakes can’t be a year-round dessert, or why they can’t be low in fat and high in protein.

Our Keto Banana Chocolate Pancakes recipe delivers on all of the above, with a total 7g of fat per pancake (9% of your RDI), and 7g of protein (14% of your RDI). It depends on whether you add any extra toppings of course, but Eatlean Zero Calorie Syrups mean you can do that without affecting the nutritional balance too much.

It’s OK for dessert to be an indulgence from time to time – it doesn’t always have to be completely fat-free. By keeping things in balance, you can enjoy a rich and varied diet complete with tasty treats, while getting plenty of protein to stave off any hunger pangs throughout the rest of your evening.


For more ways to get the most out of your dessert visit our Dessert Ideas Hub for recipes, nutritional advice and much more.