10 Small Changes To Become A Happier, Healthier You

Happy healthy eating

Have you ever been in the position where you’re thinking if I was richer, I’d be happier or if I was a few stones lighter, I’d be healthier and therefore happier?


In reality, most people think this way. But sometimes the things we wish for are so big, they feel completely out of our control and just lead to us feeling overwhelmed and powerless.

But making small changes in life, leads to awesome rewards. So rather than trying to win the lottery or shed 10 pounds in a week, try incorporating these small changes into your lifestyle and watch your health and happiness grow:


Go to bed at a reasonable time

We often forget that sleep is not just something that we need to fit into our day, but it’s a really important part of our recovery. By being rested, we are more alert the following day, we make better food choices and we perform better at work. If you want to feel just a tiny bit better every day, switch off the phone and tv, grab a book and get to bed at least half an hour before you plan on being asleep.


Get some fresh air every day

This is something that we all know is good for us, but do we really do it? Being outside gives us an opportunity to be in nature. Taking a deep breath of fresh air can be the most rejuvenating things known to man and it costs absolutely nothing! Throw in the benefits of lower blood pressure and less risk of heart disease and you know you’re onto a winner. If the thought of going out for a bracing walk is a little daunting, why not try a short ten minute walk and see if you can increase this over time? Spring is more or less here so lighter evenings are the perfect opportunity to give this a go.


Know your calorie range for a healthy weight and stick to it

Being a healthy weight has untold benefits. Improved cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, decreased risk of stroke, improved self confidence, less risk of joint pain, better sleep, improved mobility and loads more. If you are overweight, reducing your bodyweight by 5% can give you an awesome return on your health. So find out what your ideal body weight is and see how many calories you need to reach this or to maintain it. If in doubt, seek a nutrition coach to help you get there.


Fill your dinner plate with a rainbow of colours

A healthy dinner is always important. Aim to see your food as something that nourishes and nurtures you as well as something that makes you feel satiated. Fruit and vegetables contain so many wonderful vitamins and mineral which are extremely important for our overall health and wellbeing. Just some of the benefits include reducing our blood pressure, lowering the risk of stroke, preventing certain types of cancers, maintaining and improving our digestive system, improving our vision and making us look good through clear, glowing skin. Try and see how much colour you can add to your plate to ensure you achieve maximum results.


Surround yourself with good people

One of the keys to health and happiness is communication. Having a network of friends and family can be key, especially when times are hard. Surround yourself with people you enjoy being with and share your worries and concerns with them. And in turn, offer them a shoulder to cry on if they’re finding life a struggle. Being with friends can really improve your self worth and confidence. And if it doesn’t, have a good look at them. Are they having a positive or negative effect on you?


Eat protein with every meal

If it’s optimal health your after, looking at what is on your plate is key to feeling awesome. Not only does protein keep you fuller for longer (and therefore helps with weight management), it’s vital for growth and repair. So if you want great skin, strong nails and healthy hair, consider eating at least 1.6g of protein for every kilogram that you weigh. Think lean meats, fish, seafood, Greek yoghurt and of course, Eatlean cheese for great sources of delicious, quality protein.  And once you do this, pay attention to your hunger levels! They should be much more in control!


Download an awesome podcast to inspire and educate you

Being informed and educated is going to help you be the best version of yourself. If it’s health you’re after, subscribe to a podcast which is going to help you learn and also motivate you. Maybe you need a laugh, so a comedy podcast may be more up your street. Or one that focuses on a sport you enjoy following. And rather than sit down at home listening, put your pods in and go for a walk. Think of the time you’ll save and the energy you’ll expend.


Keep a journal

Setting your intentions, noting your gratitude and rating your moods can be tremendously fulfilling and set you on the path to happiness. Just three minutes in the morning and another three before you go to bed can help to refocus your attention to what you appreciate in life or what you need to consider to get you there. If you’re not already journaling, give it a go!


Make time for your friends and family

We’re a bunch of busy humans! But sometimes it’s easier to get overwhelmed in work and to forget what’s actually important to us in life. Making time for your friends, parents and our furry friends can help keep us sane, grateful and loved. And guess what? This is ultimately going to lead to happiness and better health.


Find an activity you enjoy and commit to doing it at least three times a week

Have you ever taken up a sport or activity because you feel you should? Or because everyone else seems to be doing it? If you enjoy it, then great, keep going. But what if you’re not? Why are you doing it? It may take several attempts to find something you genuinely love, but once you do, you’re so much more likely to stick to it. So play the field as it were. Try different things. And when it clicks, make it part of your routine.


It’s often the small things that add up to big results…



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