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Hey Josh, it is great to have you on board!  So tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.

So, my name is Josh, of course, and I am a fitness business owner, I co-own One Body Athletic, which is a gym in Sheffield, and we help hundreds of people in the local area transform their bodies and their lives, and we are soon to be launching online, which is super exciting. I was also on the cover of “Men’s Fitness” at the beginning of this year, which was, for me, one of my biggest achievements to date, that was something that I wanted to achieve since first stepping foot into a gym almost 12 years ago. So to have achieved that this year is awesome. And that also led me to becoming a USN-sponsored athlete. I’ve been a huge fan of USN for so, so many years, so to be part of that team is extremely humbling and I feel very, very grateful for that opportunity.

Awesome!  Being a USN ambassador and cover model for Men’s Fitness Magazine must have introduced you to a few inspirational people within the health and fitness world…..any memorable ones?

So whilst working in the fitness industry, I have met a lot of inspirational individuals, but since the “Men’s Fitness” cover modelling, and, of course, becoming a USN ambassador, I think the most obvious one is the man himself, Mr. Ryan Terry, who I looked up to for many years when first starting out on my fitness journey. I think he was on the first “Men’s Fitness” cover, or “Muscle  & Fitness,” that I ever saw, and, yeah, I’ve followed his journey ever since, right up to the Olympic stage, so super inspirational, very humble man, so yeah, Ryan Terry.

We’re intrigued to know how you came across Eatlean, can you give us a little insight?

So I first came across the Eatlean product range, in fact it was only the one product, it was their regular block, which is super low fat, and I am definitely an absolute dairy king, I love my dairy products, I have quark, which I mix in with my whey, to turn into a bit of a yogurt, I have lots and lots of cottage cheese, and I love, love, love cheese, so, while shopping, I just had a look along the cheese aisle to see what was available, and then I saw this zero percent fat, or really low fat, block of cheese, I was like, “What the heck is this?” So, just on a whim, I’d never heard of the product, I’ve not seen them on social media, I didn’t know anybody else that had that product, I bought it to try, because the macros were so, so good, being a lover of cheese, it is very, very incredibly hard to work cheese into your diet, especially if you are trying to get those low level of body fats and trying to pull calories away, you’re not gonna put in the calorie-laden cheese, whereas, the Eatlean block, it’s super low fat, super high protein, I was like, “This is a no-brainer, “let’s give it a try, “it might not taste very good, “but let’s give it a try.” And I absolutely loved it, and I’ve been an avid user of the Eatlean range ever since.

On to One Body Athletic….In your view, how can Eatlean #proteincheese help in terms of your clients dietary goals and how do you incorporate Eatlean into their diets?

So, for me, most of us are cheese lovers, we just love it, but like I said in my last answer, it’s so hard to work cheese into your diet if you are on a calorie-restricted plan. Cheese, by nature, is so calorific, so, it is hard to work in. However, with the Eatlean range, you can still enjoy the delicious taste of cheese without using too many of your macros. I often refer to your macros and your calories as your macro bank, and you’re not gonna break the bank by working in a little bit of the Eatlean cheese. So, part of what we do is transformation programming, helping people become the best version of themselves, achieve incredible, incredible transformation results, so working that cheese into their diet, means they feel like they’re not really dieting, because they are eating cheese, which is something they wouldn’t normally work in, and that really helps them stick to it, they don’t feel like they’re dieting, because they’re eating something that is delicious, so having the Eatlean products in there is definitely, definitely awesome for them.

That’s fabulous!  So what is your favourite protein cheese dish that you would recommend our Eatleaners try making?

So, Eatlean is incredibly, incredibly versatile. Cheese, by nature, you can put it in pretty much every dish going, I am a little bit of a Plain Jane, so for me, cheese on toast is just so easy to cook. You don’t have to get too elaborate, don’t have to get crazy, don’t have to get loads of ingredients, you can quite literally just have the block of cheese, chop up as much as you need in your macro requirements, and then microwave it, get it so it’s nice and gloopy, and then layer it on top of your toast. Dead easy, and it’s delicious, you can enjoy it just before you go to bed. Perfect.

And finally, if you were stuck on a dessert island with just 3 Eatlean Protein Cheeses to eat, which would you choose?

Okay. This is a funny one, actually. If I was stuck on a desert island, I would want the most calorific cheese that they have. By nature, Eatlean tries to keep things pretty low in calories, which is their kind of unique selling point if you like, but if I was on a desert island, I’m gonna need all the damn calories I can, so the Eatlean Tasty block, although nowhere near as high in calories as regular cheese, I’m gonna go for that. I’ve never tried the Red block before, so, that’s gonna keep my taste sensors firing, I really want to try that, and then also, the little snack packs of cheese. I can take them with me, it’s versatile, put ’em in my pockets while I’m out hunting, considering thinking I would be hunting, I don’t know! And I can just snack them in, 10 grams of ‘tein, per bar. Think it’s 11 grams, actually. But yeah, that’s it.