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Joe, tell us a little more about your health/fitness/wellbeing focus. How you got started, and how you stay motivated?

I first got started in fitness in late secondary school. I was always the ‘chubby kid’ and wanted to lose weight so I took to the school gym and it’s been a part of my life ever since! I always want to better myself, and I am never satisfied, I can always improve and that’s what motivates me.

So how did you discover #ProteinCheese?!

I came across it through Instagram and thought the macros were too good to be true, so I tried it and loved it!

As a new member of our team of Male Ambassadors what does it mean to represent the wider community of people focused on health/wellbeing/fitness?

It’s a real honour to have someone think highly enough of you to be given such a great opportunity and it’s amazing to be doing something that I throughly enjoy while also helping others!

Finally, we’re dying to know what your favourite #ProteinCheese recipe is? 

My favourite recipe has to be either with fajitas or melted on top of a BBQ chicken sandwich!!