Tell us about yourself

My name is Cathy, I’m 28 years old and I live in London. I’ve always struggled with my weight, gaining a stone a year as I was getting into my teens and then dabbling with meal replacements before university. When I finished university I was at my largest but it took me hitting rock bottom and a spontaneous decision with a friend to do something about it. I’ve always been a foodie and a baker but my relationship with food wasn’t as good as it could be.


Tell us about your nutritional plan (Slimming World)

I am a proud member of Slimming World, having joined in 2015 and finally reached target during lockdown last year! Slimming World is all about a change of lifestyle – not a diet. This is something I hadn’t considered before as I was always after a quick fix. The welcoming community and support reminded me that having a healthy relationship with food is important and to never deprive yourself of what you love. Slimming World works around four main factors: Free Foods, Speed Foods, Healthy Extras and Syns. The Free Foods are your carbs (rice, potatoes, pasta etc), yogurts, beans & pulses and meats. Speed Foods are the lower density foods like most fruit and vegetables. You can have as many of these two as you like, to fill your appetite. The Healthy Extras are your calcium (A) and fibre (B) choices of the day. These are important to stay healthy but should be eaten in moderation so they we have to weigh them accurately, for example 40g oats or 250ml semi skimmed milk. Syns are where you can allow yourself the treats like chocolate, sweets, cakes, pastries… most things with a high calorie count. They’re the things we crave and so we make sure we’re not depriving ourselves of them. All foods have a syn count, even if it’s 0 (free) and we can have up to 15 syn a day. For example, a Cadbury’s Creme Egg is 9 syns. Using them carefully is key to maximise your allowance! If you can balance these out everyday it becomes second nature and that’s how it becomes a lifestyle change, not a diet.


What made you decide to follow this plan?

It was the first plan I came across that allowed to be full! To never go hungry or feel unsatisfied. I easily get ‘hangry’ and with other diets I always ended up miserable being hungry all the time. It was also because I could become part of something bigger, make friends and meet like minded people who had a similar story.


Where does Eatlean fit into your plan?

Eatlean products fit in very well to the Slimming World plan! The protein cheeses come under our Healthy Extra A choices and allows you to have more cheese per day than any other brand! The original protein cheese, grated cheese, smoked cheese and red cheese allowance is 70g per HexA, while the creamier tasty cheese is 40g per HexA. The grilled cheese is 45g per HexA. The other cheeses all have Syns values which are much lower than their higher fat equivalents! All of which can be found on the Slimming World Food Search. Eatlean Super Porridge Oats are also great, although do not come under the Heathy Extra B choice, however they are the same Syns value as plain oats. Then there’s the Eatlean Syrups which are 1/2 a syn per tbsp and their newest product, the Skyr pouches are so new they’ve not been put on the food search yet! I would expect them to be very low syn though!


Do you have any advice for those on a similar journey to you who are following Slimming World?

Trust that the plan works when you follow it! There’s nothing more satisfying knowing you’ve had a solid 100% on plan week and you go to your meeting knowing the scales are going to be on your side!!

Also challenge yourself to small things every week or even every day! Cook something new, save your healthy extras for a different meal or time of day or batch cook your working lunches for the next few days to free up some time for you!


Which is your favourite Eatlean product?

This is tough!! But if I had to pick… it’s a tie between the spreadable cheese and tasty cheese!! The spreadable is so versatile and I find myself using it as a sauce more often than not! But the tasty cheese is as titled: sooo tasty! It’s got that creaminess to it and a very satisfying crumble!


What is your favourite recipe to cook with Eatlean?

There’s just too many!! But the one that springs to mind that I made recently is the nacho style feast with both spreadable and grated cheese grilled on top!


Why is Eatlean above the rest?

The choice!!! There’s an unbelievable choice of cheeses to pick from for a slimmer like me. You don’t just have to grab the light cheddar because it’s the only one that allows a larger amount of cheese for your HexA. There’s a lot to be said for having a big pile of cheese in your bowl! That fact that you can have 70g of the original, smoked, red and grated protein cheeses means it’s 75% more than the next lowest fat cheese you can buy!


What made you want to be an Eatlean ambassador?

To spread the love of cheese to fellow slimmers! It used to be something I avoided due to being allowed only a block the size of a small matchbox on my beans on toast. It just wasn’t worth it! Eatlean opens up a whole world of cheesy opportunities so that we don’t have to feel left out anymore.


What would you like to see next from Eatlean?

A protein feta/Greek cheese or blue cheese! I think these would complete the selection of standard cheeses. Then you could move onto the speciality cheeses like Gorgonzola and Brie or even flavoured cheeses like caramelised onion protein cheese!