Brett, tell us a little more about your health/fitness/wellbeing focus. How you got started?

I was previously overweight in my late teens and into my early to mid twenties, and always struggled with feeling happy about myself and my health. I used to be 5 stone heavier than I am now! In my late twenties I started to look more into the fitness and nutrition industry, reading blogs, following “fit pros” online and learning more about the in’s and out’s fat loss and muscle gain.

I went through all the mistakes most people have,  but got some success with my weight but not enough for where I wanted to be. I enrolled on a PT/nutrition course to get ‘qualified’, but last year decided to enroll into another Nutrition course to improve my knowledge further. This is Mac-Nutrition Uni, the only evidence based nutrition course available online. Which is recognised worldwide as one of the best nutritional course available.


And what keeps you motivated?

Well, I guess I stay motivated personally because of years of good habit building, wanting to be fit and healthy for my family and newborn child. I am also motivated to help others do the same. I want to help people get better relationships with food and to improve their physical health.


So how did you first discover #ProteinCheese?

I came across it in Tesco over a year ago. As soon as I looked at the label I knew I must buy it! The nutrient profile was incredible for a cheese but I wasn’t sure what the taste was going to be like. I was massively impressed as other ‘protein cheeses’ I had tried were tasteless and like rubber. Whereas this was still more like a nice cheddar and nothing like others.


As a new member of our team of Male Ambassadors what does it mean to represent the wider community of people focused on health/wellbeing/fitness?

I am honoured to be chosen by a brand that I truly believe is a great choice for the population. I have no affiliation to any other products because I don’t use them. But I have been using Eatlean because I genuinely believe in it. And that it is an easy food swap to increase the nations protein intake. Which is under consumed by the majority of general population, and make them healthier in the quest to lose weight.


Finally, we’re dying to know what your favourite #ProteinCheese recipe is?

My favourite has to be making a homemade low carb/high protein pizza using a tortilla or flatbread! The perfect Friday night takeaway. (You can check this recipe out -here-) Cheese muffins are also a great one!