Hey everyone! My name is Alice Coburn, and I’m the ultimate cheese lover!… Who isn’t? I’m also, along with my husband and fellow eatlean ambassador- Josh Coburn, the Co-owner and company Director of One Body Athletic Ltd. We are body transformation specialists based in Sheffield and we have transformed the bodies and lives of well over 1000 people whose nutrition plans all include Eatlean cheese! I’m also a fitness fanatic who loves inspiring others to live a healthier and happier life. Not to mention a dog mum and actual human mum to be! Very exciting! I’ve managed to maintain my pre pregnancy lifestyle by still being fully involved in progressing our business, as well as working out 5/6 times a week, because it makes me feel awesome! I plan to continue doing this right up until the birth. To add, eatlean has been my go to snack during pregnancy, I’ve certainly had one too many crackers with a chunk of eatlean on it! Yum!

I’ve been involved in fitness since a very young age, be that dance, athletics, or anything else fitness related! Some may say I’ve always had ants in my pants and can never sit still (guilty!) I started working ‘professionally’ in the fitness industry at the age of 18 coaching people in and around the South Yorkshire area, different schools/colleges, gyms, and community centres. I then switched professions after studying at university and qualified as a full time , Secondary school Teacher of English. Which I absolutely loved, but OBA grew bigger than we ever anticipated and I transitioned from English Teacher to full time company director around 2.5 years ago. It’s the best ‘job’ in the world- I feel totally blessed.

Josh and I spend at least 22 hours a day together (ha) which will seem like pure madness to some other married couples out there, but it works for us and we’re a great team both professionally and personally. We’re both fully invested in our business and completely give our all to our members and staff. However, we do make sure to spend time together when we can (which isn’t often as our dog, Comet, takes most of the limelight!). The key to staying sane, fit and healthy both mentally and physically is ensuring you have routine and structure along with a super positive mindset. Every obstacle should be seen as a learning curve rather than a negative obstacle.

I first heard about eatlean cheese when Josh became obsessed with it during one of his competition preps! Thank goodness he did! My favourite meal to be accompanied with eatlean cheese would be a low fat creamy chicken pasta (I use creme fresh to create a low fat version). We use the spread AND grated cheese to add extra creaminess! I would have to say my favourite eatlean product would have to be the snack bars, they’re so convenient, tasty and filled with protein! If eatlean were to bring out a new product I think it should be cheesy, protein crisps, as I’m equally just as much of a crisp lover as I am cheese- seriously, is this possible guys?!

Finally my go-to advice for someone looking to start out on their health journey would be to enjoy the process. Don’t be constantly chasing that end result, enjoy the process and the results will come. Also, ensure your plan has PLENTY of eatlean goodies on it! I’m super excited to be officially joining the eatlean team, let’s see how much more cheese I can consume!