Now the gyms are finally open, you will no doubt be thinking about your pre and post workout snacks, right? Think back to the time before lockdown.......Did post workout cravings usually get you reaching for a high sugar protein bar? Did that mid-morning lull drive you to the biscuit tin? Well fear not, this recipe takes just minutes to make, and will leave you fully stocked with energy balls to power you through the week ahead and give you that extra energy boost before or after a workout!

Bringing together our sweet heroes - Eatlean Super Porridge and our Zero Calorie Syrup these energy balls come in at just 84 calories and just 2g of fat!

So what have we switched up?

Eatlean Super Porridge - There’s porridge, and then there’s all new Eatlean Super Porridge! But what makes it so super you may ask? Well…where do we start? High in protein, high in fibre, low in sugar, enriched with essential vitamins AND super convenient.

Eatlean Zero Calorie Maple Syrup - Satisfy your sweet tooth without the calories! With the all new Eatlean Zero Calorie Syrups. Add a mouth-watering serving of flavour to all your favourite dishes, without adding 1 single calorie! Giving you the power to enjoy tasty treats without worrying about your macros!

  • Yield11 Energy Balls
  • Serving Size1 Ball
  • Energy84 cal


    • 100g Eatlean Super Porridge
    • 150g Medjool Dates
    • 2TBSP Eatlean Zero Calorie Maple Syrup
    • 1TBSP Cocoa Powder
    • 1TBSP Peanut Butter



    In a blender add the Super Porridge, the dates, the peanut butter, the cocoa powder and the syrup


    Blitz up the ingredients until well mixed


    Roll into balls – then these can be chilled and stored in an airtight container and enjoyed on the go!

    • Nutrition Facts

    • 11 servings per container
    • Serving Size1 Ball
    • Amount per serving
    • Calories84
    • % Daily Value*
    • Total Fat2 g2.56%
    • Total Carbohydrate14 g5.09%
    • Protein3 g6%